The Divinity of Christ resides in the frame of my tattered humanity

“Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence? I go up to the heavens, you are there; if I make my bed in the depths, you are there. If I rise in the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast.”    Psalm 139:7 – 10

pexels-photo-813770.jpegThe God I am coming to know is not limited in how I view life, nor is He limited in what He can do in and through me, for His works flow from the supernatural realm where all things are possible, according to his purposes and intentions.

The God I know does not live within the confines of my humanity but He is expansive in His ability to perform the miraculous of which the greatest is the pouring out of his love towards all those who will choose to believe in his son Jesus, and are filled with the promised person who is known as the Holy Spirit, radically exchanging our flesh hearts with God’s hearts.

My Father God calls me ‘My beloved’, He delights in me, He is the giver of every good gift, He has imparted his Holy Spirit in me, He remains true to His character, His promises are steadfast, He never fails in remaining faithful, He is always with me, He is mighty in power, He forgives and forgets my sin, His grace is given freely each day, He is compassionate, He is caring, and He sincerely loves every single man woman and child who walks this planet Earth.

My God is gracious and it is He who makes a way when often I see no way. I have come to the place where I expect the unexpected to happen from my God as He is moving all the time in my life and in the lives of those I encounter as I go about the ordinariness of my day. Learning to let go of how I think God should move, how I think God should act, and who I think God is, has become a necessary component in living this Christian lifestyle.

Each day when I rise and enter into communion with Him in the Fellowship of intimacy known in the union of His spirit embedded in mind, I discover a new beginning in understanding him a bit more, as he pulls back the veil, drawing me nearer to his bosom of love, allowing me entrance into the holy of holies.

It is in my every day moment-by-moment living where His love refreshes me in a continual filling of His Holy Spirit, who pours life-sustaining living Waters of the Christ Spirit into every cell in my body, whose source manifests the authentic love of my Father God in and through all of whom I am becoming.

There is no greater God than the one I have come to know and the One I am desiring to know in a deeper, nearer, closer, way. No one can ever take away the experiential reality of the living God who is a sensed God, who makes himself tangibly known to all those who believe in his son Jesus. There is no one who is able to take the abundance of life I have discovered in abiding in the empowerment of the Holy Spirit from me.

There is no one who can tell me this trinity of the Godhead in whose fullness dwells my Father God, the person of his son Jesus and the person of the Holy Spirit, is not real.

The world may tell me I am too much or never enough but this one thing I know my God is enough and it is His intertwined life in mine, where He fully completes and satisfies my every need, longing and desire.

I do not have to be confined or conformed to any cultural expectation of who I need to be as a woman for I have been called, chosen and commissioned in living unto His higher calling of being love.

I choose compassion over comparison and the love I love with is His love overflowing from all of whom I am becoming in an unconditioned reserve, holding nothing back, as my eyes are fixed on the Holy One who has imparted in me hope, truth, and a constant flowing stream of His unfailing love, birthing fruits of his spirit, manifested in the fullness of my father’s life, pouring out from whom He created me to be, His beloved daughter.

God has indeed become my refuge, my strength, and the very breath I breathe, as He is the sufficient One, lacking in nothing, nor am I when I place my trust in His ability, in the day-by-day gift of his precious life flowing in and from mine, to accomplish all that He has planned to through my surrendered heart.

The purpose and meaning of my life is in allowing Him to reveal all of who He is to me and to others I encounter in this pilgrimage in becoming spiritually mature, where He allows me entrance into a nearer union in the width, depth and height found in His merciful love.

Discovering His intentions for my endeavors in this earthly sphere can only be found in the overflow in the intimacy known in this Godly fellowship in the relational moment-by-moment, day-by-day, hour-by-hour, walking out this faith life as a Christian woman, in the supernatural ability known in abiding in His Spirit Life who lives and loves through mine.

All that I know, all that I desire to know, and all of whom I long to become as a faithful, Godly woman, stems from being present in this sacred place of intimacy in the relationship I develop in the holy One, whose life has become infused in mine.

It is in the expansive fullness of this trinity, where I reside, in whose love has and is being intricately woven into the fabric of my tattered humanity by the divine nature of the Christ’s resurrected spirit, who sustains every breath I breathe, in whose source I am known by this living true God, as His bride.

I have discovered the reality of the fullness in abiding in His life, that has become beyond anything I could have thought, imagined or dreamed could be possible in my life that I live presently.

Each day I spend time in this dwelling place in this Triune fellowship, I am ushered deeper into their love, my eyes behold a bit more of their glory, my ears are attuned clearer, and my heart posture is willingly ready to receive all that my Father God has in store for me, His beloved daughter.



Living Intentionally






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