Majestic Spirit of the Divine

There is the One True Living God whose voice I hear calling me to: “Be Still and Know that I am God.”  Psalm 46:10


There is a place of centered Holiness, when God’s Spirit comes upon us, hushing all that is, quieting our inner selves, as we respond to Him, saying “Yes Lord, here am I.”

An unexplainable sacred space opens inside us, where He fills us beyond anything we in our humanness can explain or even imagine, with Himself.

The place where God is Known is within us, it is where we lay all aside, centering our thoughts, our hearts, our minds, and our souls in Him, being with Him, in the intimacy of the Father’s call upon our lives.

Our quest becomes one of an inner desire, to be in Him, with Him, listening intently to His sweet voice, calling us by name, taking us deeper inside His Heavenly Dwelling, a place of Holiness, where we touch the hems of His garments, where we are Known by Him, in Him, with Him.

We learn to sit at His feet, gazing upon Him, bathing in His all-encompassing Goodness and Care towards us. We bask in the light of His Glorious Wonder, marveling at His unending Love towards us, fixing ourselves closely in Him, not wanting to move, just longing to forever spend time in Him, Being in His Presence.


We learn of this pilgrimage, this quest, this longing for His touch upon us, when we become still, when we stop all activity, when we learn the art of Being in Him, so He can be All in us!

There is a solitude of Known Love in Him, where we breathe, and our lungs are filled with His living waters, as He sustains our bodies in this life, as He calls us to a life of total consecrated being in Him.

Our earnest desire becomes a life of humble submission to Him, wholly bending our ear in attentive listening to His still voice within, that we respond in becoming His fresh fragrance, breathing renewal upon all of whom we encounter, in our realization that our lives are but for His Glory, and not our own.

There is a place of tender surrender to His gentle, compassionate, caring Love as He draws us nearer to His throne of Grace, where upon we give over to Him, all that we have, so He can sift through our fleshly layers of self, transforming us in walking in our created authenticity in becoming All of whom He has designed us to be, nearer in being love.

We discover ourselves opening up those places within us only Known by Him, allowing the Holy Spirit to change us into radically being God Hearts, His eternal vessels, manifesting Him to all those we encounter upon this earthly journey.

We who walk in the intimacy of His Mercy, know Mercy. We who touch the place of intimate caring, Know Forgiveness. We who walk in the ways of Kingdom Values, Know a Grace given that strengthens the core of our inner being.



It is His Spirit who draws us closer, deeper, wider, higher into His love, and it is our spirit who responds, receiving all of Who He is and All of what He has to offer us, those He calls His beloved, as we walk this journey, this narrow way, of Faith.

We, who are called by Him, are honored to be Known by Him, as we touch upon this secret place where the Most High God dwells and resides is within us.

This inner reservoir of His well that lies within us, is a place where He makes Himself Known to us in the interconnectedness of our spirit opening and receiving His Spirit filling those spaces of our humanity where we find ourselves Completed as no other person or entity is able to do.

We sense His Love as His very breath, breathes upon our human frailty, as His majesty flows into us, where our earnest prayer and life centers on seeking Him all the days we live upon this earth, knowing there is no other who offers such wholeness unto us, as He who is our Living True God, whose promises stand the test of time, through all the seasons in our lives.



Lorraine Taylor – Lay Minister to the Body of Christ


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