Homemade Pancakes

Today I felt the hunger for my own creation in making a different version of my homemade pancakes.


So, I eagerly collected all the different ingredients needed and started to put together my breakfast.


I used three varieties of flour for their numerous health benefits; Coconut, EINKORN, and Buckwheat – all Organic and Non-GMO.


Next I melted some organic Coconut Oil for my oil, measured my milk, beat one egg, and poured all of these ingredients into my bowl of mixed flour.  I then added the Chia Seeds (by the way these expand once in your stomach to give you a feeling of fullness), baking powder, a tad of Himalayan Salt, making sure I mixed all of this well into my bowl. I then added the cranberries and blueberries I had frozen from last year!




1 1/4 Cup Flour (I combined a bit from each type I listed above)

1 Cup Oil

1 Cup Milk (I usually use Raw Goat Milk, but for this version I used Organic Whole Milk)

1 Beaten Egg   (I use free range farm eggs I buy from a local farmer)

1 Tbsp Baking Powder (I use organic as it does not have aluminum or harmful ingredients in it)

2 Tbsp   Chia Seeds

Cinnamon   (I sprinkle a good portion of Organic Cinnamon into my bowl too)

Handful of berries (feel free to add seeds, nuts, and anything else you might like to enjoy)


The types of diverse flours I chose add nutritional value to our bodies.  Chia seeds are high in Calcium and other vitamins and the dark maple syrup is also of nutritional benefits containing minerals and vitamins.


I always freeze blueberries as my husband and I are avid pickers from a farmer who uses no chemicals or pesticides.

We enjoy our trips to this field, always taking water and a bit of lunch, enjoying rest under the shade of trees on this man’s blueberry bush farm.  As the weather is very hot this time of year in July – August, we always make sure we have an entire day for this venture, taking opportunity to enjoy these simple pleasures in life.

I buy the Organic Whole Cranberries in the season where the stores have a plentiful supply of them, then freeze for my use during the year.  I can always find them around Thanksgiving time in the Northeast where I live.

I topped my pancakes with some organic butter and dark maple syrup.  This was Delicious, Tasty and met with my expectations for a morning breakfast, full of nutrient benefits.  The Dark Maple Syrup I buy is also from a local farmer who uses chemical free ingredients when he makes his batches.


Try this recipe and let me know what you think!  Was it tasty?  Did it satisfy your hunger?  Did it meet with your expectations?

Share your own pancake recipe with us so we can learn what you use in your own recipes!



Lorraine Taylor – Kitchen Delights shared from my home to Yours!



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