Sensitivity in how we relate with others

We each need to have safe persons in whose confidence we know we can truly express how we are feeling and/or responding to life’s situations.

Expressing feelings is healthy, normal, and needed in order to process our journey on this earth.

Allowing ourselves to express and state what we are feeling emotionally, can bring catharsis, insight, and an awareness of who we are as individuals. This process also opens up direction, or helps in pointing out a certain course we need to take, or in reveals to us the necessary steps we need to take in working towards change.

We are taking up our cross and letting the Christ within us to be a life saving grace to another when we allow someone to tell what they are enduring in their own voice, using their own words.  We are holding out to them the Hope within us whose name is Jesus, when we allow His love to flow from our beings.


The trusted person we share ourselves with can also add value when listening and responding compassionately to another, in helping another to sort out, sift through, or chart a new course.

When we listen to another we are opening up places of sanctuary where one feels safe, where one feels accepted, where one feels heard. When we allow others to be heard, we are opening up path ways towards understanding where compassion can be shown.

When our intentions towards one another are motivated by a genuineness, we are placing value on the life of another, we are honoring another, but most importantly, we are honoring God in loving one another, as scripture tells us being loving is the highest command of God.

When we fail to listen, but instead find ourselves motivated with intents of placing demands on another person, making declarations of what they should do (often biased and off the mark), or condemning and judging them, this is Not a Loving way to respond to another.

When we truly care for others, we should not shut down another person voicing what they are experiencing, in telling them what they can or cannot say. We should not continue to ignore their true emotional/physical suffering, while remaining distant in holding a self-righteous attitude. We should not throw out platitudes, quote scriptures, or tell them to ‘claim’, victory or healing.

For when we make statements of this sort, we are telling the person to deny the Truth of what they are experiencing, and we are telling the person, we do not accept them, as we are disallowing them free expression. We are not creating a safe place, but instead, we are creating a state of fear and/or intimidation that fails to honor God and the person.

Creating an environment that is conducive to a person’s wellbeing is shown in being attentive, being present, opening up to another in an attitude of allowing and accepting.

We are creating an environment where others open up to us as well when we are giving them our full attention in listening to both the spoken and unspoken emotions happening.

We are creating an environment assistive in placing the healing balm of Christ’s love in the midst of their suffering when we listen and hear what another person is trying to relay to us.

We are creating an environment where one senses acceptance, tolerance, and true caring that is shown in our giving them our full attention and not being distracted by cell phones or other people.


Very often our prayers need to be followed up with common sense practical activity and compassionate action towards helping one another.

The easy thing is to throw out words, prayers, declarations, etc. The harder walk, the narrow road, and the Godly response, is to bear one another’s burdens as scriptures state. The narrow road is being available for one another, being accessible. (Galations 6:2)

The narrow road is to live in being clothed in our inner person, with Christ’s Love, willing to show self-sacrifice, and putting feet to our prayers.

Let us consider how we treat one another in our mannerisms, tone, words, prayers, actions, and in our responses.

Our role in valuing others means we respect them enough to allow them to voice what is going on in their lives and we refrain from using condemning tones and/or language, or trying to give them quick fixes.

Let us truly reflect on how we as a body are treating one another and work together towards being filled with Christ Love, lifting up and edifying one another up, in sharing each other’s burdens, in patient long-suffering with one another, and in mirroring God Hearts towards one another.

May we all take heart in reading and mediate on 1 Corinthians 13 and let us hold this up as a mirror to our own hearts and reflect on how we can show this Love towards others and ask God for Him to continually fill us with His Holy Spirit who gives us this ability!

How great is our need to be filled with the Christ Spirit in showing Mercy and Compassionate Love towards others. This is the loving way in having right intentions, walking and being led by the Spirit in all our relational interactions with one another.

What brings meaning and value into our own lives is when we learn to serve beyond ourselves in reaching towards others, lifting them up in the midst of an often difficult journey in this world.

When we choose compassionate interrelating with one another, we are helping to build sustainable and enduring communities.



Intentionally Living




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