Lost your Zip?

There is no time like now to begin an exercise program in helping to maintain your health and wellbeing. I have found it is very difficult to start something like this without some motivation, so I encourage you to google free exercise programs online and begin at your level of comfort.

If you are in a wheelchair you can google chair exercises. Take into consideration where you are making sure you do not overdo, and keep a consistent pace, one where you can slowly progress as this is a journey, not a destination to arrive at quickly.  Exercising is a way of life and can be incorporated into your life at any time!

The best way to begin something new is to overcome one’s inertia and just make a decision to just start and then follow through and do it. 


Then once you begin and you feel the energized motivation that results from speeding up your metabolic heart rate, you will be sure this is something you will want to continue.

The benefits of exercise reap many rewards, the first is a feeling of wellbeing as when you speed up your heart rate, your circulation is increased and endorphins are released into your bodily system which gives you that pleasure sensation on your insides.

pexels-photo-374101.jpegExercise also reduces stress, anxiety and can help in improving depression.  As it improves circulation your blood supply will increase in your organs helping to maintain a system where toxins are regularly released and eliminated from your system.
To help in post exercise you can drink a bit of Tumeric flavored Kombucha as it will feed your body necessary nutrients while also targeting inflammatory responses in post exercise as this spice is well known for its anti-inflammatory abilities.

No matter one’s age; child, youth, young adult, senior citizen, we all can begin a new endeavor at any age, so why not start yours today?

Grab a friend if you need encouragement, a partner to help motivate as well as socializing as this does help us all when we have another person to spur us onward in any new endeavor, especially exercising.


If you are having issues in finding an appropriate online program, a simple, easy and economic start to exercising and one of the best, is to grab a pair of sneakers, head out your door and begin walking.

You can find many walking areas near your hometown, or just walk around in your neighborhood and meet your neighbors!

Waling is a fun activity to do with your children, with other moms and children, with your grandchildren, or borrow someone’s child, and get out the door today!   Walking is a fun activity to do with other moms, other grandmas. other seniors, in church groups, or even start your own walking group and invite your neighbors!

No matter what you decide as far as type of exercise, just start some sort of movement as you will gain many benefits and one is having more energy!  Who wouldn’t want that?

Many trails can be located by simply googling: trails nearby me.  Walking helps build bone density and is one of the major ways we can increase our bone health and strength, so don’t put off what you can do today!

Remember, its not what you look like that counts, its how you are on the inside and exercise helps to build strong bodies, healthy organs, and is a good way to reduce stress in our lives as we all need to find ways to do this.

Every goal has a beginning, so why not begin today to develop a regular habit of some sort of exercise and give yourself a pat on the back for doing it as this can be very difficult journey, but one you will discover is very rewarding!

These are just a few Tips from my health and wellbeing post to help you begin to build and maintain your own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.



Lorraine Taylor – Lay Minister to the body of Christ





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