Sacred Place of Rest

There is a sacred place of rest provided to us by our Lord. When we are intentional towards our pursuit of the Spiritual, pursuing the One who is Holy, clothing our inner persons in the love infused in our hearts by the Holy Spirit, we can rest assured our Father God knows our every need and He satisfies our every desire.

We who profess to be followers of The Christ are walking in His Spirit of Truth and it is His truth who leads us to this place of rest. We learn as we turn our attentions on Him, those things of our flesh naturally slough off in the process of His purifying Holiness who is at work in us, churning, refining, polishing our inner character to be more like Christ in all our ways.


This place of rest is what is spoken of in Psalm 23. It is those spaces that open in us when we give of ourselves to others, where His Spirit flourishes, flowing from us those rivers of living waters that bring life to others we encounter in this pilgrimage upon this earth.

His joy are the streams underneath the surface of our souls, that gurgle, bubble, renew, refresh and restore our Spiritual vigor that in All things we can lift hearts of gratitude in His Ability in us to be all things to all peoples.

We as humans are able to hold within us two seemingly contradictory emotions because we are known by our Father God and it is The Christ Spirit who has given us new life and it is His Spirit who revives our souls when weary, who quickens our spirits to know His truth, and who empowers us to walk this faith life.

These places of blessed rest we can have is the assurance and trust in knowing our Father has plans, purposes and intentions He desires to fulfil in us and it is when we are walking in these paths, serving in an obedient and willing attitude, where He brings a fullness of peace to our souls.


So, let us enter into the rest our Father has provided for us by relinquishing who we are and enter into the fullness of life in whose we are, for No one, No entity, No force, No power can ever hinder the plans He has in store for us.

Our Father will further His kingdom work in manifesting His greatest desires in our lives and in those we encounter when we realize our self is no more and it is the Spirit life in us who we hear, respond to, and walk accordingly in all of whom He is transforming us to become in and by His ability.

The greatest manifestation of our Father’s work in us is to be His love in the deepest spaces of who we are, in those regions no one else sees, so our inner responses are an automatic ‘Yes Lord’ when He calls us to a life served in an obedient submission to His ways in all areas of our lives, that we do not willfully hold anything back from Him.


The life He gives is rewarded in the deep spiritual aspects of His fullness overflowing in and through us, so that others will know He lives by our sincere and genuine love for Him and for them.

When we are the authentic men and women God has called us to become, being His representatives on this earth, we know our highest calling is to BE His love and we can only Be His love when we surrender to The Christ Spirit who is love and is it He who loves through us.



Lorraine Taylor – Lay Minister to the Body of Christ



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