Servant Leadership Model

In order for the true kingdom of God and unity of the Church to rise, the “One person show”, or the man-made model has to stop!

When it’s still mainly about our personal ministry or church type ministry, or how many people do you have in your church, the spiritual activities engaged in, how many missions are supported; it’s obviously evident of what we are building; pride, boasting in appearances, and how things look to others.


This model depicts a person seeking approval from other humans. This model depicts a picture that is far from the type of lifestyle God calls us to walk in our faith.

The world is looking for unity and love for one another. Unless we build a humble servant leadership model, with a spiritual team that “equips” the body for the “work/harvest of the ministry”, we will continue to build something that cannot and will not stand the test of time.  We will continue to build on human design that will not be sustainable towards developing spiritually mature kingdom people.

Only those things done in Obedience to God will matter. Only those things done by God’s Spirit, will be rewarded. Only those things done sincerely motivated in love will stand.

This life of Faith is all about God’s Love for people and our Love for people.

Leadership is all about equipping brothers and sisters in carrying out the Kingdom mission of God; spreading His Word, and teaching others to do the same.

This to be done with genuine intent and authentic love for one another.

When searching for a Servant Leader, you can look for these qualities: humble, teachable, hungry, prayer life, disciplined, love filled, servant oriented, team worker, honorable, maintains balance, sets healthy boundaries, sets high standards, and exemplifies Christ-like character.

For the inner character will show in the outward fruits of the Spirit;
a leader must have a Godly character, along with a sound history in living a servant oriented lifestyle.

These are qualities that definitely should be on your checklist for either: accepting or denying a person for a position or role where they will have other persons in their care.

When the biblical model of a Servant Leader is followed, these men and woman will Rise Up and produce a “Godhead led” ministry equipping of the saints, that shocks the world with love and unity instead of individual after individual building their own personal name and Church name.

Engaging in Kingdom works takes a strong team, whose desire and longing is centered in God, who pray consistently for God’s will, has sincere love for one another, and its mission is motivated by this love.

These brothers and sisters will become bound in a unified vision of the mission God has called them to and this mission will evolve within the framework of unity and love as the Power of God is released in all kinds of manifestations.

Of course, it takes a lot more than just the above brief description, but this provides some thought for those just starting out in ministry, or for those desiring to have a firm idea if God is calling them into a leadership role in ministry to fully evaluate whether these traits exist in persons.

Setting a high standard in evaluating persons will prevent many dangers that will come up in the ministry. In all things, Love must be a priority, for if we do not Love God, and do not have the Love of God filling us daily, how can we Love ourselves, or others?

This Love that God gives enables us to minister, bearing fruits in embracing a lifestyle in having compassion for all. It is this Love from God, that will draw others to Him. And it is the life of a Godly Servant living in His Love that will reach the world.

It is when a team of brothers and sisters gather together in one accord, having a similar vision, dropping pretense and facades, letting go of personal agenda’s, and unite in the love our Father desires us to walk in, that God will open up the heavens and pour His spiritual treasures in abundance upon us, and He will be who is manifested in our midst.


Living Intentionally


The church without walls



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