Alternative Model in being the ‘church’ of believers

New Testament Faith believers – This is the vision God has given to me for developing new formats for gathering in home fellowships living out the biblical way as God designed us to be the body, growing maturing and walking in our callings. This is the living in being the ‘church’ our Father has called us in doing.

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The purpose of leadership is to wean people off of them unto God. The people have to be allowed to graduate. They must not behave like controlling parents who never let the children make their own choices.

The church should not be a pond where leaders hang on to the fish for the rest of their lives, but rather a river where the fish are fed, trained and released to fulfill their own destinies.

Then God brings in more to do the same. This model is duplicable in order to multiple servant leaders in being doers of the Word.

Leadership should never hold on to people. Leadership trains, equips, disciples others to fulfil their God-ordained purposes and sets them loose to duplicate this model, growing and maturing into the men and woman in having a lifestyle centered in Christ ways.

Many people live and die in the same local church or denomination. All they do is stay faithful and support the pastor and the church, while this is good, the ultimate role of pastors/leaders is to build up and equip those in their midst to be actively engaged in kingdom service.

In today’s state of the church, few become challenged in developing their potential, dying to self, living and being led in the Spirit life, but most only live a religious life.

Home fellowships offer a new pattern in being the bride of Christ in walking in our faith as the radical men and woman the gospel calls us to in living to the higher calling to love as He loved us in all our responses, in all our relationships and in all our ways.

Intimacy in relationships can be discovered as we nurture Godliness and enter into the community of believers in a nearer bond, in a closer communion of what it means to be a follower of Christ, then actually living out this faith model in our interrelationships with others.

This model can be implemented even if you desire to attend an institutional church as a supplemental means in walking out your faith life in exploring the possibilities offered in an alternative format; one where you become your own disciple of Christ, investing your own time, doing your own studies, developing your own potential in the supportive environment of brothers and sisters living in the community sense in a faith fellowship.

In being a believer of Christ there is no mandate in having to go to church or be a member of a denomination or participate in the religious institutions of our days.
There are also no mandates to participate in an alternative form of living out one’s faith.

If you so choose to attend church and/or an alternative form of fellowship, then go ahead as there is freedom to go or to not go, but what is vital is to be engaged in regularly gathering with other believers to study scriptures, pray and worship together corporately, along with your own individual practicing the presence of God and developing spiritual disciplines of your faith, as this aids in helping us to grow, maturing spiritually as the men and women God has called us to be.


Lorraine Taylor – Lay Minister to the church without walls



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