Transformation comes through true Love

Thankful the Love of our Father God embraces us each day and His mercies are new every morning.


We are being transformed in and by His love as He draws us nearer to the character of the Christ Spirit who is the power who works radical changes in our hearts that our inner person bears fruits of His Spirit.

Our lives are a fragrant breath of His Spirit who is moving all the time in our lives and in this world.

Our role is to be sensitive to His activity upon the earth and to join with Him in participating in the works our Father desires to manifest in and through us of which the greatest is love.

We can be learned, we can know scriptures, we can have degrees, we can have titles, we can have followers, we can serve in many ways, but if we have not love, it is all rubbish as it is all self centered activity.

Only those deeds that are done out of sincere motivations in love will pass through His Glory. All our flesh acts will be burned up. Only those acts of charity that have been accomplished in the purest and genuineness in love will pass through the gates of heaven.

It behooves us all to sit before the Lord and ask His Spirit to search our hearts, creating clean and true love in us of which is His work, His activity, His role in our lives.

May our hearts seek to be this love above any activity, above any knowledge, above any busyness, above all, may we clothe our inner person in the gentle tender love of our Father, asking Him to fill us abundantly each moment with His Spirit of love that we are walking in and by His Spirit, being led by Him and not our own emotions or attitudes.

How do we obtain such love? By spending time in Him each day. In being Still and knowing ‘He is God‘. In quieting ourselves before His presence, bathing in His fullness, our journey in pursuing our God becomes real, as He touches us with His presence.

Let us enter into the rest of our Father’s love today and learn from Him, the fullness in the love He has for us, and the Love He has tenderly infused in our hearts and the Love that conquers all is in Him.

May we read meditatively 1 Corinthians 13 and ask His Spirit to form in us these fruits of His love, that we show forth in our hearts, our thoughts, our attitudes, our deeds, what is holy, what is true, and what is the love that embraces us each moment as He has given us ability.


Lorraine Taylor – Lay Minister to the church without walls



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