Freedom to choose

“All things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any.”                                                       1 Corinthians 6:12



My freedom in the Lord is for me to not be brought under the control of any one thing, except the power of the Holy Spirit and those things which will benefit my soul towards spiritual growth and maturity.

In having the Christ Spirit in me, I am still given free will and my right to exercise choices are according to my own ability to make decisions, as the Lord never forces Himself on anyone.

What I desire is to choose the Christ way in my relationships, staring with my marriage, then my friendships, then my associations, that His Spirit is the influence in me and that my Father God’s love is given preeminence in my thoughts, words, actions, deeds and inner most place in my heart.

When I choose to step back from reacting from my flesh and choose to step into responding in the Holy Spirit’s ability in a loving gentle way, I am choosing to be led by the Spirit’s activity in me and I am listening to His promptings and living in obedience to Christ Holiness.

Neither wrong attitudes, persons, entities, or principalities will I succumb to as I have an active role in choosing what I think about, what I allow to remain in my thoughts and who I surround myself with in nearness of relationships.  I am able to choose what I focus on and what I make a matter of my attentions.

Everything that ruins a person begins in one’s thoughts. Then these thoughts dig deeper and become attitudes of our heart. Then these attitudes become infectious posions that spawn ungodly behaviors spewing forth things that do not stem from Holiness.

When I allow the Holy Spirit to be who is transforming me and when I am allowing the work of His bearing truth to me in reading scriptures, I am renewing my mind moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day.  This is how the Holy Spirit is able to form the Christ Spirit’s character within my inner womanhood.

When I surrender to the Spirit’s Power, I am allowing the formation of the Christ character to take root in my thoughts, creating attitudes of His heart, allowing Holiness to be the change agent and influencer in the continual transforming of my heart into God’s heart of love.

I have an active choice in what and who I listen to. When I allow others unhealthy attitudes and behaviors become what I focus on, they will infiltrate into my thoughts causing wrong attitudes to form that will become roots of bitterness, resentment, envy and all that is at work in this world to come against the purity of the gospel of Christ who came to set us free from those things in this world that only bring bondage.

So, I actively choose each day to feed my inner person with what will edify, what will build up, what will marinate into Godly fruits of the Spirit in my being, so that God is who is manifested in and through my life.

Our most important priority is in spending alone time each day, throughout the day in the union of our Father God’s spirit where Jesus and the Holy Spirit dwell in a fellowship of unity and love.

When I am allowing the Christ Spirit to be who is the active influence within me and place  Him as preeminence in my life, I am willing and open in being changed into the radical disciple and follower of Christ.

When my lifestyle is infused with the trinity of all Holiness, I am living to be led by the Holy Spirit. I am living to go where He leads, walk as I am directed and follow the narrow road which leads to the Freedom granted in Christ.

When my lifestyle is one of daily and intimately practicing the disciplines of my faith and centering my heart in the Godhead in whose union my life is sustained, then I am walking in the ways of righteousness.

The power given to me to overcome those things that seek to tear me down, that seek to destroy the life of Christ in me become as arrows that fall off the armor of protection provided to me in abiding in His Word, in abiding in the living Word, who is the Christ Spirit, in participating in the authority and empowerment in prayer, in the lifting of my heart through worship, in the intimacy discovered in my relationship with the Godhead of love.

Everything I could possibly need, want or desire in this life has been imparted in me by the Spirit of Christ in whose authority and in whose ability, I am. It is in the intimacy of fellowship with my God’s Spirit where I live and have my being.

There is no power except that in the Living Word, who is the resurrected Christ who is alive in my mind, soul, and body and who grants me the ability to overcome all that comes against me in this world, giving me the grace in remaining faithful to the Godhead all my days I am gifted this precious life, as He is my source for everything.

It is our God who draws us ever nearer to Him each moment we come near to Him, in whose substance we are able to live victoriously, this Christian lifestyle.

The union of our Father God, His son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit is where I am intimately bound in their fellowship of love.

As I live in the overflow of this most Holy of unions, I am given strength for the day, granted wisdom in whose path is guidance, and where I am given all I need to walk in the ways of Christ, adhering to His Spirit who is alive in me and who will continue to perform His miracle of Mercy, Grace, Forgiveness and love in the most sacred spaces of my heart.


Living Intentionally




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