Lasting Satisfaction and Fulfillment is not in the stuff……

“Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy . . . but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven. . . . For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew 6:19–21)



Those people who put all their efforts into gaining stuff here on this earth will one day realize, that stuff cannot give them any lasting satisfaction. The pursuit of a self does not give security for this search can be never-ending.

The stuff collected; money, houses, cars, clothes, accessories, possessions, prestige, status, position – are empty of themselves to give us anything but a temporary feeling, a temporary security, a temporary fulfillment.

Stuff has no heart. Stuff has no value other than in monetary terms. Money in itself does not give any sense of happiness, its only fleeting and temporary. Stuff cannot complete us as a person, nor can stuff give us or offer to us a lasting security, for there will always be a drive for more.

Searching for this more can be a lifetime pursuit, a pursuit that results with no end, as it’s a pursuit in always rising each day to gain more; more happiness, more peace, more joy, more satisfaction, more approval.

I have been in the world. I have pursed success and gained success. I have collected stuff and gained stuff. I have earned degrees in higher education (from a private well-recognized university) that gave me status. I have earned positions of prestige from my endeavors. I have been popular. I have been in the place of receiving large salaries, great benefits and I can speak from reality, none of it gave me any lasting peace or fulfillment.



I am learning to say No to the world’s way of relating. I am learning to say No to the world’s way of gaining recognition. I am learning to say No to the world’s way of being.

Nothing I have attained gave me a feeling of completeness. Nothing I had gained from a worldly standard allowed me to enter into a rest of who I was.

I have searched for this lasting satisfaction in the midst of my faith, this place of rest where I can simply be me.

There came a time in my faith where I learned I had to place all my Trust in the heart of my Father, in whose confidence I had to learn to walk, I had to learn to put feet to my faith, I had to learn to be in Him each day, walk in the truth of Him each moment and turn my whole heart, my whole being in walking this journey called Faith.

I had to learn to live in the higher calling He drew me in, this standard and integrity where the love He placed in me had to be the motivating love I had to learn to allow Him to fill me with, so His love in me would be genuine, true, and real, where I would be an authentic daughter whose love was sincere.

There comes a place in our walk with the Lord where He tears the veils from our flesh, where He opens our eyes to what is important, where His desires became my desires, where my walk became one of earnest longing to be in Him each moment, where all that I had become nothing and all that He was became everything.

The only life I have found that has been worth living and that has filled me with such a completeness, such a fulfillment, where everyday lived is another day to experience all of who I am in authenticity, is in living my life in the reality of the person of Jesus Christ.

I discovered the living waters overflowing from me when I discovered the fullness found in being in Him, spending time intimately in Him, being alone in Him, where His presence became a reality in my every day living out this faith walk.

When I learned to center my days; goals, endeavors, pursuits, ambitions, etc. in the life of Faith, practicing daily the disciplines of my faith; alone time with my Father, prayer, worship, studying & meditating on scriptures, it was a turning point in my life in discovering a lasting fulfillment, a completeness of my identity as His identity became who I was.

I learned I have His approval, His acceptance, His mercies in being my true self, in not hiding my weaknesses, my frailness, my humanness, but that my life was in realizing I have nothing of my own to offer anyone, it is only be living from His fullness each day, I have everything I could possible need, want or desire.



I have discovered the place of being, for my Father, Jesus, and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit has given me more than I could possibly imagine where some days I am bursting in the fire of His Spirit, in whose ability I am.

I have found in allowing the Spirit to take up a Holy residence inside the deepest regions of who I was, that I am able to hold two conflicting emotions due to His life dwelling in me.

I am able to experience deep sorrow of pain in the suffering as life comes at me and in it, I could feel the gentle flow of His streams of peace as a river of living waters in the midst of any discouraging emotion I have endured in this life.

It is His life who gives me strength, lifting me from the weariness found in serving, the days where unexpected events come to me, and I turn to Him to help me in it all.

My life centered in the Spirit’s is where I am given wisdom and the discernment of the Spirit, in whose life I have learned to abide in.

I found the place of inner contentment was not in the striving to gain (even in the midst of learning this faith walk), but in the resting place of being.

I am abiding in the security found in all that my Father God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit has imparted into the depths of my soul and infused into the roots of who I am on the inside, for it is His life who overflows from mine.

I have found the rest that the Lord offers to those of us who walk in Him as a daily practice, giving of ourselves as an offering back to Him, that He may be all of who is manifested in and through me each day I am gifted breath.

I am finding the place where all became nothing, and He became everything I could ever possible hope for, desire, or attain to in this life and I have only begun to taste of the heavenly treats He has in store for me.

I am learning to be intentional in choosing the Christ way each day. I am learning to be purposed in being genuine and true each day. I am learning to abide in the Spirit life of ability each day. I am learning to show forth His life of authenticity in and through mine.

I am learning each day and thank God He is all forgiving, all compassionate and all loving, for no matter my mistakes, no matter my fleshly errors, He embraces me with the same consistent love in each one, drawing me nearer to the throne where Grace is poured out in me, where Mercy is new every morning, where I find refuge in His arms of warmth, where I seek His ways above my own self ways.

I have hardly entered into the fullness of life He has yet to give to me.

I have hardly discovered who He is in the depths of my own soul.

It is in each day, I eagerly long, pining after Him, yearning to be in Him, hungering to be filled with all He has for me, for I have discovered my true self is found in being in His fullness as the Spirit gives all ability, and it is the only place my desires become truly His desires for me.



Lorraine Taylor – Lay Minister


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Prayer Response:  Today and each day I come before You my father and ask that You keep tearing the veil from my flesh, continue showing me where I fall short, and continue to be in me, the fullness of the trinity of the Godhead, the source of all of whom I am becoming in and by Your Spirit of ability.

Let not my ears be deaf to hear You call upon my life.  Let not my heart be cold from Your love and the higher calling You placed in me, to love my neighbors as myself.  Let not my mouth resist praising and worshipping You, declaring Your goodness upon this earth. 

Let my feet not stumble in the ways of wickedness, but that they be shed in spreading the gospel of peace sharing the good news of Christ who came to set us free from the bondages and holds of this world!

Show me Yourself as the dwelling place where my hearts desires are fulfilled, where meaning and purpose are realized and take me deeper into this place where Hope rises from the ashes of my flesh.

Draw me nearer to You my God in whose sustenance my breath if given, in whose source I am. You have birthed me from pure love, so allow the purity of Your love to be the fullness of life I walk in and from.

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