The Sweetest fragrance of God is released in our Fellowship

IMG_1419The sweet fragrance of the Lord is released as we fellowship having our minds centered in Him. When we are sincere, genuine, caring, compassionate and loving in our relationships, we are honoring the God who created us.

We who are professing to be Christians have been entrusted in being carriers of the divinity of the resurrected Christ whose spirit is continually at work within us, molding, purging, and forming us nearer to His character in our inner hearts to become God Hearts, walking true to our calling.

When we seek to live as authentic persons, open hearts before our Father, but open hearts before all persons, we honor God with our lives being ones showing forth integrity, respect, worth as we value the life we have been gifted and as we value giving dignity in our friendships with one another that God has gifted us with called the ‘body of believers’.

Not one of us have the total understanding of this life called faith, nor can we have a grip on the knowing of our Father’s love for us, for His love is a Godly love, pure, true, untainted, unblemished, and like nothing else this world has to offer us.

How wide, how deep, how long is the steady love our Father has for us? We have barely entered into this love, touching the hem of His holy garments, standing bare before Him, in our own human frailness, in our own need to rely on His Spirit who gives All ability, empowering us to walk this life of faith.

Our Father sustains each breath we take. Our Father sustains the faith He has imparted within us. Our Father draws us to Himself each moment, each hour, and each day as we give ourselves to His fullness.

How glad I am He has gifted us with friends whose hearts so desire this nearer union with our Father. How fortunate when our Father puts into our paths, spiritual brothers and sisters in whose hearts we grow, maturing together in the most loving and holy of unions.

Oh how our Father God desires us to be in Him, so He can bestow upon us all the goodness found in Him. Oh how our Father’s greatest gift has been infused into our stone hearts, radically transforming and changing our hearts to be God Hearts where His spirit dwells, taking up a holy residence.

Our Father is a personal and relational God and He pours out His greatest gift, His love when we gather together expressing this love in the confidence found in the warmth named friendship.

It is the love of our Father who draws us deeper, closer, nearer to His deepest treasure discovered in the holiest of all places, the deep well that springs forth rivers of His love, a never-ending bursting forth of His fullness in our humanity, expressing His greatest pleasure in that we are known by Him and we can know Him, and in knowing Him, we can know this love, in part.

The veil is being ripped from our spiritual blindness that we no longer walk in the deceit of our own souls and that we no longer follow people, authors, teachers, leaders, but that we take hold of the Spiritual discernment and Godly wisdom granted us, sifting all conversations, all teachings, all things through the Spirits ability to know the way in which we should walk.

We adhere to our Father’s ways, leaning not to our human understanding or methods, but that in All things we walk in the mature faith given to us, using a Spiritual discernment, making Holy alliances in our friendships that we might keep ourselves holy as He is holy.



Lorraine Taylor – Lay Minister


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