Aggression, oppression and violence

100_0817Our society has slowly been accepting of a culture of violence in relationships, in families, in our neighborhoods, in our churches and spreading throughout our communities over the past 30-40 years.

The violent graphic nature of video gaming is NOT OK. The violent graphic nature of how people are relating with one another is NOT OK. The violence in gangs is NOT OK. The violent and graphic nature of media – tv, movies, internet scenes – is NOT OK. The violence involved in bullying is NOT OK.

Aggression is violence. Aggression occurs when we oppress others, when we force ourselves on others, when we force our beliefs on others, when we behave in aggressive manners it creates violence. Aggression is Not Ok as it creates violence and is a violent form of being.

The above ways aggression, oppression and violence have slowly crept into our lives, into our homes, into our communities, into our churches, is NOT OK.

When we become apathetic to how these images are indoctrinating our youth (and even some adults) and causing a dehumanization due to it, it has a ripple effect, resulting in creating a desensitization to how violence is negatively impacting and harming young minds.

Then all these ways of being become normalized and seen as just the way things are.
We accept aggression, oppression and violence when we say nothing, do nothing, take no actions.

Young minds are vulnerable to so many pressures and when we do not recognize our need to protect the younger ones from being exposed to forms of violence, then we are to blame too.

We must no longer accept this attitude of tolerance in how we are relating to one another. and how we see it manifested in relationships.

We must no longer accept the media industry forcing its images upon our youth and we as adults must take steps to protect them from being exposed to these horrors.

Violence is never ok. It is Not ok when speaking violently to others. It is Not ok when it is being manifested in our schools. It is Not ok when happening in stores, in streets, in homes, or in our churches. It is Not an Ok means to communicate. It is not an Ok means to be. It is Not to be accepted as normal.

Violence is desensitizing us as a nation. Violence is desensitizing us a people. Violence is creating robots who walk around having dead emotions, callous, hardened, causing anger – causing manifestations of terrorizing scenes in graphic extremes.

When we as a society accept violence and fail to take steps in teaching/instructing/modeling safer and more appropriate methods in learning how to effectively communicate and relate to others, we will continue having violence spew across our country causing deaths.

When we as a nation expose ourselves and our young ones to graphic violent images, then we are allowing and bringing violence into our own regions.

So, who is to blame? Everyone who allows these graphic video games, graphic images from media, graphic language, graphic violent relating, and all who tolerate bullying, revenge, lashing out behaviors, are all to blame.

Each one of us are to blame when we fail to take action in promoting other ways of being and taking a stand in saying NO in exposing ourselves, our children, and/or our grandchildren to forms of aggression, oppression and violence.

We take a stand when we promote kindness, gentleness, compassion, caring, loving attitudes. We take a stand when we do not allow these into our homes, into places of work, into faith organizations, into any groups.

We take a stand when we do not expose ourselves, our children, or grandchildren to these graphic images and aggressive manner of being.

We create change and create a culture of non acceptance of violence when We take a stand and say NO to ALL forms of Aggression! We take a stand when we say NO to ALL Forms of Oppression!

We take a stand when we say NO to ALL forms of Violence!


Living Intentionally


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