Kimchi – My homemade version

I sliced an organic cabbage, along with using my food processor for shredding organic carrots.  I placed them in a bowl, mixing them together while pressing down with my hands to allow the juices to be released.  I poured over this blend, some brine from one of my prior batches and 1 Tablespoon of Himilayan salt and mixed thoroughly with my hands, pressing again, to help release the veggie juices, and put a towel over it to allow the vegetables to release their fluids.

I do not like ferments that are overly salted, so using fluid from a prior batch or some whey and a bit of salt, works fine in producing the right amounts of good bacteria and nutrients.

About every 1/2 hour or so, I mixed these together with my hands while pressing on the veggies to help in releasing more of their fluids.  After 4 hours I poured in some more brine mixed with filtered water, mixed with my hands again, and placed left over cabbage leaves on top, pressing again to make sure veggies were submerged in fluids, then placed a kitchen towel over it to let it set overnight.

In the morning, I put the entire batch of veggie’s in a colander, allowing the liquid to drip into a stainless steel pan I put the colander into.  While that was resting, I mixed up the spices I wanted to use; ginger, garlic, and a bit of sugar, grinding them in a spice grinder until it made a paste like substance, then putting it in my veggie mixture, mixing it all together.

Then I scooped out some of the veggies, putting them into another stainless steal bowl, adding some of the spices and scooped this mixture into my freshly sanitized mason jars.

I use a wooden spoon to take veggies and put them in my wide mouth canning jars, making sure I packed them tightly by pressing in with my hand (you can use a funnel if you desire when doing this step in the process).

Next, I poured the fluid from this step (which I sprinkle with cayenne pepper) into my jars, making sure I filled them to about 1/2 inch of the top.  if you need more fluid you can finish off the jars with some filtered water.

I dry the top edges and bottom with a paper towel, screwing a plastic white lid on each one lightly and placed the jars into an old dish washing basin in which I will let sit for another 5-7 days until they reach the desired sour taste I prefer.

Ferments usually like warmer temperatures 70-75 degrees F, so I have mine in the dining room with a couple extra kitchen towels covering the top of the bin, near our heater.  I put them in a bin as they ferment, often the fluids will bubble up and spill out from the top, so this protects any surface areas.  If the temperature is lower than the above, the veggies will still ferment, but will take a bit longer.

After they are finished fermenting in this state, and the taste is to my liking, they will go into the refrigerator in which they will last about a year.

I made a total of 4 quarts and 1 pint of Kimchi from this batch. I am planning to give a couple jars away to friends.

This Kimchi will not last that long in this house as I eat a healthy tablespoon around 20 minutes prior to each meal as fermented foods help produce enzymes needed for digestion.   And they increase immune function, helping to maintain a healthy balance of proper bacteria’s needed for gut health.

I sterilize my canning jars by boiling water and dipping the jars in them, using my canning materials to grab the jars, draining the hot water, and placing them in the red dish pan as to avoid breaking them.

I apologize for no pictures as I took my camera card out to load pictures to go along with this blog and I misplaced them.  Soon as I find it will post the pictures.

Thanks again for stopping by for some more Kitchen Delights from my homemade recipes.   I did not put in amounts of spices as I have found people can add these to their liking.  I also add a couple sliced pieces of garlic to the top of my jars before screwing the tops on as I enjoy a lot of this spice.





1 large head of organic green cabbage

5 large organic carrots, washed and peeled

1 head of organic garlic

Ginger, peeled and minced, grated, or sliced

Himilayan Salt – 2 Tablespoons if not using any whey or previous brine on hand

Cayenne Pepper

A bit of organic sugar



Large pan for boiling water

Canning jars quart or pints (wide mouth ones work better)

Stainless Steal bowls

Wooden Spoon


Food Processor

Spice Grinder

Plastic measuring spoons


Stop by again and feel free to leave any comments or questions as I am always glad to respond!

Lorraine Taylor – Kitchen Delights from my home to Yours! 

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