Regional Farmer’s Market in Binghamton, NY

It has been awhile since we have been able to make our weekly Saturday morning visit to our local farmers market in Binghamton, NY, since we spent a month down in NC recently.  So, today my husband Ron and myself enthusiastically traveled to see our friends, touched base with them, while asking about on any new products that were to be making their appearance later in the year.



The picture directly above this sentence is taken from Nicole’s handcrafted herbal products & nutrition known as Dirt Therapy.  She offers a wide range of everyday items from therapeutic herbal salves to home & garden product.  Nicole offers nutrition and wellness counseling for healthier living & nutritional needs for many conditions and ailments with an emphasis on whole food solutions.

These wonderful women below are our friends from McCrey Farms on Route 26, in Glen Aubrey, NY, where Pet Reynolds and Carol McGee raise beef, lamb, and pork whose meats are among the best tasting selections offered in our area and at a reasonable price. If you purchase 50 pounds of more they give an automatic discount of 10%.

You will not find this personable service in any brand name store.  We have stopped by their farm many times to pick up some meat and visit awhile.  Both Pete and Carolare very relatable and hospitable people.

From left to right: Shelly (soon to be raising Turkeys and Chickens next to McCreys Farm), Carol McGee, co-owner of McCreys Farm and her lovely sister Buffy McGee, who can be seen most Saturday’s assisting.


I shot some pictures of my favorite vendors, glad to say a hello in person, letting them know how I missed the rich culture of foods we have in our area, along with how familiar I have come in relying on the freshness of what they provide, whether it be foods or lotions.

Java Joe’s, a small family run roasting facility located in Binghamton, NY is the best tasting cup of coffee in the triple cities.  Owners David (on the right) and Kathy Pagnani and Eric Cole (pictured on the left) have always been passionate about helping people build and sustain organizations who impact their local community in a positive way.

This vision to share the world’s finest fresh-roasted coffees transcends in each bag that is produced.  They offer a wide variety of coffee, including organic, and only the top percent of the beans are selected for roasting in their facility.   We love going to their building, saying Hi, cracking a few jokes and buying our weekly pound of coffee. We are always met with a smile from Kathy, personal service and greetings from the two guys.


The pictures below on the left are of Ann Marie Stone, who is owner and Pastry Chef of gimmecookie.  She has some very nutritious and tasty homemade products. We especially love her whole wheat organically made graham crackers and her huge English Muffins of which she has a few varieties.  They definitely fill that hungry spot in the morning.

Lower right is my good friend Sue Chance who helps out the Kombucha brewers (fermented teas) from PA, Two Poets and a Dog, who bring many of their fermented drinks and products weekly and we are always delighted to give her a big hug, say howdy and taste any new flavors.

Here are a couple more pictures of Sue with the Kombucha brewers and owners as they chat with customers and one another to fill orders and explain the many nutritional benefits in drinking these flavored fermented tea drinks they bring each week to the market.

It is always a pleasure and a great time of meaningful socializing that occurs each week we are able to visit our local farmers and we are always full of excitement and joy in making new connections and many times, we run into friends we have not seen in ages.


This was our bounty we brought home.  The organic graham crackers I told you about above, a 5 pound bag of Yukon Gold Organic potatoes, and this huge head of organically grown cabbage. I am going to make Kimchi again this weekend, was so glad to see this gorgeous green cabbage!  It will make some fine tasting Kimchi when I get around to making up a few batches.

Today was a good time in reconnecting with friends, catching up, meeting new vendors and we both look forward to spring in NYS and the upcoming vegetable season with the bounty found it its fruitfulness!


Happy Cooking friends and feel free to share any thoughts or reflections you may have had in viewing this post as I am always willing to read any responses you choose to leave!


Feel free to stop by again!



Lorraine Taylor



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