Conforming to Christ and not religious institutions

IMG_1429In today’s ‘institutional churches’ religious dogma is strongly influencing Christians rather than having as a base the teaching necessary in following the lifestyle modeled by Christ in allowing the Holy Spirit to reign and to be the main influencer of our focus, who empowers us to walk this life of Faith.

Religious dogma, doctrine, and law are causing Christians to become bound in legalism, including those in the charismatic movement, that only creates an ‘us’ and ‘them’, setting persons against one another, causing divisions and strife, instead of walking in a sincere and genuine love for one another, which is the greatest commandment given to us by Christ.

The life of faith is only possible when we learn the art of surrendering and submitting our hearts to our Father God’s ways above any human way, allowing His Holy Spirit to be who guides, leads, and grants us supernatural ability in embracing all with the same love the Christ Spirit has embraced us with.

The freedom we have to be who God intended us to be, authentic human beings carrying the divinity of the Christ Spirit whose Resurrected Life resides within our mortal bodies, is limitless and depends on serving in a humble realization we are nothing without His life moving in and through us, where we come to know whose we are.

Thus, the vital importance of adhering to instruction where abiding in the Spirit life takes precedence, where teaching focuses on developing a keen discernment only granted by God, seeking above anything else to walk in His wisdom, sifting all persons teaching in and through His Holy lens.

We as the bride of Christ find it necessary to align our inner being to our Father God’s principles as instructed and modeled by the life of His son, Jesus, and continually ask to be filled with the Holy Spirit, recognizing these are vital elements necessary in being able to walk in this new life infused in our mortal bodies as Christians.

We add nothing to the gospel, taking it in its entirety, being the chosen people of God, being in the world, but not taking on the characteristics or values of this world, as we are to clothe our inner persons in all manners of Godliness, and this is attained only by living in the Spirit’s ability granted to us in each moment we have breath.

The call upon our lives is to have as preeminent, God Hearts, devoting ourselves to Christ’s teachings, walking in the overflow of His Spirit life, above any human doctrine, or man-made religion, including ones established by any church, to be His true disciples, inside and out, remaining faithful followers to His ways.

Living in a Godly bravery to cut ties with those who preach a false gospel and to join ourselves, in making holy alliances with those rare followers who are seeking Christ ways, where desiring His will takes priority over and above anything or anyone in this world, is the narrow road He calls us to walk in.

The Christian life requires us to follow Christ, not authors, not teachers, not pastors, not leaders, but sifting all instruction through the Spiritual wisdom infused in our hearts, to truly walk as set apart people of God, not taking on the cultural, religious garments of this world, but becoming in all of whom we are, as His blood bound children, consecrated in living in all of whom we are becoming as the true people of our Most High God, giving glory to Him in all our days we are granted this precious life.

There is no right or wrong way in developing some sort of place in which to gather together with like-minded persons of Faith in order to grow, mature and learn from one another the deep things God has in store for His true disciples. It is not a matter of importance whether one attends an institutional church, or whether one meets in a local dinner to gather together.

What is of importance is that we regularly meet with other Spiritual believers whose faith is being lived out in the practical every day ordinariness of life. When we intentionally seek ways to bind our hearts with others, engaging with one another, entering into the disciplines of our Faith in prayer, worship and studying biblical truths, we discover God in the most-simple of ways as He pours out His love upon us each moment we are gifted life.

My husband and I are tired, worn out and exhausted from what is being called ‘church’ today. We feel as though we are sitting in the midst of some circus, watching how people are being entertained in what is known as being a seeker friendly church, where things are meant to be comfortable, and where controversial topics are steered away from, but also where people are finding themselves needing to conform to this environment where rules and regulations set forth by leadership must be adhered to.

Although we attend a rather conservative church at this time, we have been led to do so by the Spirit of God and we are entering into relations with members there, promoting the Christ life above any religious institution. We are of a certain spiritual level that it works for us at this point in our lives and we have made connections outside of the ‘institutional’ church to regularly meet with other Christians, having discussions over dinner, in homes, in cafes, in other places, praying for needs, and having times of worship, along with teaching and discussing biblical truths, as my husband and I are all about relationships.

We are seeking deeper meaningful relationships where we help to instruct in scriptures, encourage, support, edify, and learn to grow, maturing in our own faith as we bind our hearts with those of similar minded fashion and enter into one another’s suffering, sharing the intimacy found in deeper relationships, discovering together this life of faith, and learning from each other, the fullness of the Spirit life of Christ.

We find ourselves looking to develop a spiritual community, much like in biblical times, where people take priority over religion, and where love is the preeminent gift to pursue, allowing this love to flow towards others and where union with the Godhead becomes our primary intent, where we learn to share our time, our resources, our gifts, in deeper relationships, as we discover this is where our Father’s greatest love is manifested, bringing the healing balm of Christ, touching the hearts of all those who have been wounded and all those seeking something ‘more’.

My husband and I seek to be authentic, honest, transparent, and open as we move into the realm where God’s life is experientially realized among the simple moving about of our lives in every day ways, where Christ is seen in the hearts of the men, women and children in whose lives we find ourselves connecting with.

So, whether you attend church, or have ‘church’ in your home, or in other venues, what is vital for our spiritual wellbeing is to intentionally discover ways to connect with other persons of faith in intimate means, where purpose is discovered and where the love of our Father is lived out, in the midst of the flux of life coming at us, where we can feel the close spiritual bond of this love He pours into us in our interconnection with other persons.



Lorraine Taylor – Lay Minister


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