Alzheimer’s Disease and the connection with aluminum


Scientists researching Alzheimer’s are seeing a strong connection to one of the causes of the disease to be aluminum.

If you want to begin purging as much of this ingredient as possible, start with the following.

1 . Ditch the heartburn meds: Many of those benign-looking, over-the-counter antacids are LOADED with aluminum . For example, Gelusil tablets contain 200 mg of aluminum hydroxide—and that’s in each tablet! Di-gel maximum strength antacid has a whopping 400 mg of aluminum hydroxide in every teaspoon .
2 . Toss the antiperspirants: Unbelievably, the FDA requires that antiperspirants contain aluminum . And on top of what your body may be absorbing, experts are now saying that one of the best ways to DETOX the aluminum already in your system is by sweating . (More on that a little later .) So, antiperspirants have two big strikes against them .
3 . Get off the “Fluoride Express”: If your municipal water supply is fluoridated, that’s a double whammy . Fluoride can latch onto aluminum and take it right to your brain . Invest in a reverse osmosis water filtration system to get this unnecessary, toxic chemical out . Also, toss any fluoridated toothpaste and mouthwash . Non-fluoride versions are now very easy to find . But the bathroom isn’t the only place you can find sources of aluminum.

Next stop: the three culprits in your kitchen .

1 . Pot luck: Replace all those aluminum pots and pans . Look for glass, stainless steel, or well-seasoned cast iron pans for stick-free cooking .
2 . Foiling for trouble: Stop wrapping and grilling in all that aluminum foil . Studies have found the metal can leach directly into your food this way—and that’s especially true of acidic foods such as tomato products .
3 . Baking better: Aluminum is also added to many foods, such as baked goods and even processed cheese . Watch out for “sodium aluminum phosphate” and “sodium aluminum sulfate .” And if you enjoy baking your own homemade goodies, make sure to buy some aluminum-free baking powder .

Certainly, we can’t avoid all of our exposure to aluminum—it’s in the soil, air, and water as well . What we can do is reduce it as much as humanly possible—especially since there are plenty of non-aluminum options that are easily available.


Lorraine Taylor

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