What’s for Dinner when you don’t feel like cooking?

I generally eat very healthy, but feeling wiped out from our month down south helping my siblings, I felt more like snacking then eating.  So I sautéed some onions with hotdogs added a heaping bunch of homemade sauerkraut, my own homemade applesauce and called it dinner.


I actually ate three hotdogs, that were uncured, contained no nitrates, no fillers, no antibiotics, and all beef.  So, this was my splurge for the week of just eating what I felt like.  This is actually a pretty healthy meal, the all natural beef hot dogs, the fermented Kraut, and my own fruit, along with those benefits that come from onions, not too bad, huh?

Just a note, I did walk about 2 miles this morning, so……

I am making homemade banana ice cream for desert, so will post pictures and instructions for making this tasty treat!


Look for my homemade banana ice cream tasty treat I will be posting later tonight!


Cooking with Lorraine Taylor!

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