My Homemade Chili Recipe


Nothing sets as well in one’s tummy as a steaming bowl of homemade chili when it is blustery weather outside. Although it is warmer where we are visiting in NC, it is still only around 30 degrees or a bit lower, with a frigid breeze blowing that chills one to the bone. It gets down to single digits at night and has touched 0 overnight. The weather has not been this low in this area since the late 1880’s!

In speaking to friends back in upstate New York State where we live, I heard the temperatures will be dropping to 15 -20 below with wind chills sinking as low as 30-40 degrees below zero!

Here is a recipe that will be sure to bring a cozy warmth in your bones, keeping you all toasty, inside and out in these freezing winter months!

Chili Recipe:

Sautee grass fed beef with an onion in pan till cooked through

Add a 16 ounce can of organic fire roasted tomatoes

Pour another small can of tomato sauce with green chilies

Add another small can of extra tomato sauce

1 can of chili beans with sauce

1/2 bag frozen corn


Cook through until hot

Scoop into bowls and heap a healthy topping of sour cream and you have a nutritious and deliciously super meal!  You certainly have to add a generous helping of sour cream as it makes all the difference in taste! I enjoy my Chili more with sour cream on top rather than any cheeses I have experimented with!

All ingredients I used are organic and GMO free, thankfully for Harris Teeter Stores who sell plenty of organic GMO free produce and other supplies and at really good prices here in NC,  especially knowing what they would sell for in NYS.

I was beyond thrilled to find the special corn which met both of my criteria in being organic and Non-GMO, my heart leaped inside me in anticipation of having the delight of corn in with the Chili.  I usually use black beans, red beans, along with some pinto beans, but due to not having any more sauce, I limited the amount of beans used.

It is a bit difficult to cook when you are not in your own home, and in a strange location, not having my own frozen veggies and supplies I use on a regular basis on hand. I brought as many of them as I could in our SUV, knowing we would be in NC for about a month, helping to take care of some family business.

My husband Ron put all this together, so kudos to the cook!


Here is to happy cooking and taking care of ourselves in this new year!



Lorraine Taylor

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