Do we communicate anymore?

IMG_1376Our society has a connectivity issue that is breeding loneliness, isolation and fragmentation. We have lost the art of communicating. Not just speaking, but having meaningful discourse and interchanges where we gain value and worth from these exchanges.

Many times people just talk, just spout words, just babble into the air at one another, but fail to have conversations that cause one to grow, that cause one to question beliefs, that cause one to wonder if their life has any value

Social media, technology, music, video’s, TV, all bombard us with images, words, in the hopes of indoctrinating us into a societal sleep where we become desensitized to the violence, the graphic nature of subject material, the chaos, all screaming at us to heed to them, to bow down to them, to buy into the façade that these things are what bring happiness, pleasure and success in life.

These images that media portray, equate money or financial wealth as being successful, showing fancy cars, luxurious houses, the life of the rich and famous, Hollywood stars who have the picture perfect look, all shouting at us that we too need to look, behave and live up to this fake ideal of what success looks like.

These cultural values have also crept into many mainstream churches where pastors preach this prosperity gospel, touting God’s blessings are shown when we have good health and financial independence, thus equating successful Christianity.

These things the world touts as methods in obtaining success, are only temporary, having no lasting value, and will fail to provide the type of sustenance required in obtaining an inner contentment, peace and joy that is witness to the Spirit Life of Christ dwelling in us when we walk as true Christians.

I believe we have lost connection with each other and with God as He has designed and created us to be. The gospel of Christ has nothing to do with what we have, how we look on the outside, or whether we have good health.

The gospel of Christ is about our relationship with God and how we treat and value one another. Our God could not care less what you wear, where you live, or what you look like on the outside.

Our Father God desires our hearts, who we are on the inside, whether we are motivated by Love and if we are being sincere, honest and caring in our relationships with ourselves and one another.

Our Lord desires relationship with us and when we place Him as preeminent in our lives, it is His love that motivates us to change as we pursue His Spirit of truth and His Fullness, allowing His love to overflow from our hearts, touching others,.

Images can be powerful entities that creep into our thoughts and eventually take root in our hearts. So, what type of images and graphic programming, along with video gaming, are we exposing ourselves to on a regular basis and do we realize the overall effect these are having on our wellbeing?

If we are claiming to Be Christians, we are new creations, and we now belong to the King and we seek to live His values, mores, and we live to the higher calling of being God Hearts full with a love that surpasses any understanding.

A love that is compassionate caring, and one we can only obtain in and by His Spirit who loves through us as we lend ourselves to Him, bowing before Him, each moment we are granted breath.

A love that is disciplined in meditating on what is true. A love that is infused with His Word, who is the living Christ, that has come alive in our mortal bodies.

So, dear brothers and sisters, take heed in what you allow to enter your thoughts and do not buy into the world’s way of living, accepting all the garbage that is spewed forth from media, including words to graphic music, along with buying into the gaming industries violence.

The Scriptures tell us to guard our hearts about all things, and we do this by not allowing harmful and negative images to feed into our thoughts and heart.

We have an active choice in what we view, what we read, what type of music we listen to and what type of conversations we expose ourselves to. We also have an active choice in making decisions on what we dwell on in our thoughts and what we give our attention to in ruminations or obsessive wanderings in our fantasy world. We are in many ways the consequences of our own choices and decisions, be they wise ones or foolish ones.

When we choose to center ourselves in daily, read scriptures and asking the Spirit to give revelation, enlightening us to the spiritual truths of His world, where our Father’s love calls us each day to conform to a holy living, we are choosing the Christ way.

We conform to the image of Christ when we come before Him daily, asking for His Spirit to renew, refresh, and fill us again with His ability to walk in this world but not take on any of the characteristics or customs of it into our hearts.

The loneliness and failed connectivity in our society can be aided when we walk to our true calling of who we are in Christ’s righteousness and when we give value to others in listening and remaining present with them in the midst of their suffering.

We build connectivity when we let others know their lives matter when we take the time and be with them in their times of plenty and in their times of poverty.
We build connectivity when we stop our business and lend a helping hand to someone in need. We build a world where we show others they matter when we take the time needed to nurture relationships.

We build better neighborhoods, improve communities, and build pathways of peace in our world, when we learn to work together, offering ourselves up to make a difference in the lives of others.

We build a bonded society when we as a people learn to live beyond our own selfish desires and reach outside ourselves and see what role we can play in helping to be the change needed in our world, and then we take the appropriate actions in fulfilling our role by being doers of the Word, in being Christ and God Hearts in all of whom we are becoming in and by His Spirit, valuing ourselves and each other.

The Christian lifestyle offers us a way forward in moving in a direction where we live lives of integrity, seeking to honor the One who granted us life, our Father God, who in His son Jesus Christ’s death, made a way for us to enter into this way of being, by reconciling us to Himself through the agent of the Holy Spirit.

Christianity, when centered in the person of the Holy Spirit of Christ, offers us Hope beyond anything we of our own ability are able to offer, lighting the way in a dark and violent world, entering into the suffering of others with His sustaining and everlasting compassionate love, building and maintaining connectivity in being present in who we are and in all we desire to do in this world, valuing, honoring and respecting one another.


Lorraine Taylor – Lay Minister



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