cropped-img_1426.jpgToday’s prompt ‘treat’ got me thinking, and various images popped into my mind about what this word brings up for me to consider.

I was just setting down to a breakfast I created, I would call a treat.  I had mixed up some rolled oats, raw honey, a bit of cinnamon, crunchy peanut butter, an egg white, and baked it for 15 minutes at 350 degrees in the toaster oven.

When I took my ‘experiment’ out of the oven, I scooped a generous topping of plain Greek Yogurt, along with some thawed blueberries onto the warmed cereal I had made myself in attempts to eat nutrient dense foods that also taste deliciously healthy.

As I marinated on the word ‘treat’, I slowly chewed this delicious breakfast, allowing the different flavors to also marinate in my mouth, tossing the varying textures with my tongue, enjoying their fresh-taste, thinking to myself a bit more about this word.

Treat to me is something I afford myself to have that soothes, calms, and relaxes my state of mind, where I take time to simply be aware of my thoughts, giving myself room to reflect on where I am in my life, where I am going, and often take personal inventory in reviewing my goals and plans I may be working on.

I enjoy these periods of time, which remain the treats of life, these brief respites in my day, where I take a break, perhaps with a cup of warm tea, sitting back, often in quiet, to simply rest in this place.

Tea is another ‘treat’ I enter into being me, while savoring the varying flavors of different leaves.  The one I had tasted recently, was vibrantly flavored with lemon, ginger, lavender, and a bit of orange.  I always add some raw honey, mixing this into my tea as I know the benefits of this sweetness, also aids my immune system in preventing illnesses.

‘Treats’ to me, are those foods/drinks I marinate in my mouth, tasting of their vibrancy, along with opening spaces in my life, where I have come to realize the depth of my humanness, and I make a space within my heart to draw into myself, tasting of all the goodness I find in this world, hoping to incorporate those attributes within my character, in spreading kindness, peace, and the love of Father God’s Spirit Life who flows from me in His ever steady and all-consuming, embracing love.

So, I often create these sacred spaces in my life while combining some sort of ‘treat’ that I ingest either it being a liquid, or some food, or both.  These spaces and the tasting of flavors I partake of, are the treats I enjoy in this life, fully expressive of whom I am and whom I am longing to become in my inner person.

In participating in these ‘treats’ of life, I take opportunity to still myself, to cease from all activity in simply being, in simply breathing in and out, in simply just ruminating and ingesting those traits and attributes causing me pleasure, drawing into myself the flavors this life offers.

I find entering into those pleasurable endeavors in this life, opening myself into those spaces where I discover divine life, where I can walk in my authentic womanhood in whom God is creating me to be, as I dwell in the secret places in Him, are the places I find fulfillment, satisfaction and a completeness, in allowing myself room to just be present, marinating in the many treats this life offers to each one of us.



Lorraine Taylor – Lay Minister


What are the treats and flavors in life you are allowing yourself to partake of, in simply resting in the pleasures this life offers?

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