There is a River……

IMG_1476The sky is simply astounding with a beautiful array mixed with colors of blue, white, gray, and as I stand beneath its wonder, I find my soul and spirit greatly moved. As the sun slowly makes its way in closing another day towards evening, I am again thankful for the simple joys found in life.

I am thankful for my sight, for my taste, for my hearing. I am thankful for my mind, for my feelings, for my emotions, for my heart that beats life, and all that I am able to discover in expressing myself and viewing the wonder of God in the world.

When we are mindful and aware of our breath and the fact we are able to walk, talk, hear, and see, as many are unable, it is a good thing to give thanks in appreciation of all we have and all of who we are and all we are able to do in functioning in this world.

I am thankful for the quite times I am afforded. I am thankful for the joy felt in just taking a lone stroll in the early morning hours, spending this time with my Lord, whose love is a felt and experiential reality in my life.

Oh, the joy I have in being in Him, with Him, knowing Him, and oh what peace He offers, even in the midst of troubles.

There is a river that flows beneath my soul, a river where God’s peace stills my heart, quiets my thoughts as He calls me deeper into the things of the Father’s realm.

There is a river that overflows from the well of His resources, from the depth of His Spirit, that will never run dry.

There is a river of life that is coursing through my veins, spurring me onward, and this river is the river of God, who has become my source of all I could ever desire or need in this world.

Oh, how fortunate we are, who have tasted of the Lord and have felt His goodness, been warmed by His mercies, have received His compassion, and that we are daily able to enter into His presence.

Oh, how He loves us as He beckons us to come further in, come deeper inside, come nearer to His throne of Grace, and taste of His Heavenly Love embalming our souls, touching our hearts with such tender, gentle forgiveness.

How fortunate we who know Him intimately, also know how He steadies us in His care for us, and how fortunate are we, that He has promised to always be in us, always be with us, and that He will always remain our Father God who has pursued us with an everlasting love.

We, who are called the children of God, have been filled with a pure unadulterated love from our Father God, such love that stays in all time, such love that is true, such love as no other can give, and it is His love who draws us ever nearer to Him, into the realm where He dwells, in the deepest regions of our being.

What a God we are known by and are known in, who has infused such gifted love for all our days, inside us, to forever reign as the mediating force in all of whom we are becoming and in all we do in and by His Spirit who imparts all Grace unto us.

It is through His love, we desire to accomplish those works He has stored up for us to do, as we walk this earth in participating in Him to fulfil His glorious will and plans for our lives.

It is this very love the Father has bestowed upon us, that changes hearts radically and will be the transforming agent that will spread kindness and peace into our world as we allow His being to overflow from our God Hearts to all of whom we encounter.

This very same love our Father has entrusted in us, touching hearts with His river whose source is Spirit Life, into all persons we cross paths with in our journey as pilgrims walking in the humanity of God is our call.

We in God’s humanity,  enter into the suffering of others in and by His sustaining Grace of life, pouring into them, this same divine love, overflowing rivers of Spirit Life, quenching their thirsting dry hunger in filling them with the source of all, who is our creator God, Jesus Christ His son, and the Indwelling of His Holy Spirit Power.




Lorraine Taylor – Lay Minister


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