via Daily Prompt: Cherish

When I saw this word all kinds of images and emotions flooded my mind.  To cherish something or someone is to hold dear, to be in touch with our hearts in our inner being, to have gratitude towards and to have such an endearment towards a person (s) that they carry moving memories when thinking of them.  We can fondly think of how someone has influenced us in improvements made, in altering our perspective, and/or in the goodness of affections we have towards them in just spending time together.

To cherish our relationships is to nurture them, it means we do not take people for granted and to know that life can change in an instant, so we remember to hold those we care for close, near and dear in our hearts and to show them while they are alive, how much they mean to us in practical ways.

To cherish those we have been blessed in knowing in our lives in the meaningful and personal, relational connections we have been able to make in bonding with others, is of vital importance for our wellbeing and sense of feeling good about ourselves.  To reach out and give someone a call who has been on our minds.  To sit down and write a card or note of how they have made a difference in our lives.  To remain present when with them, offering understanding, empathy, and lending a listening ear.

To cherish our time we have been given on this earth with others, is taking every opportunity to not waste a breath in destructive emotions aimed at anyone as this destroys life instead of renewing our lives in focusing on other emotions.  We want to do all we can in having right relationships, clearing out the clutter caused in misunderstandings and work towards putting balms of healing on wounds of hurt.

To Cherish is to remember with fondness.  To Cherish is to open this sacred place of being inside us in which to honor and respect those whose trust has been earned and in whose confidence we have known, and in whose hearts we have be endeared with.

To Cherish those we have close knit relationships with is to not forget how valuable friends are and how important they are to us, in being with us in often the most difficult days of our lives.

To Cherish is to have entered into that place of a most holy of love, where we have become vulnerable in allowing ourselves to move beyond the familiar and to walk in those places of uncertainty, discovering a strength within us we did not know we had.

So, we Cherish ourselves and who we are as persons, able to walk in an honesty, integrity and authenticity before our Father God, but also before our fellow human kind.

So, we Cherish who we are becoming as we walk in this love that has fused our hearts with that of the most holy of God’s, the one who came to offer us fullness in life, the one whose name is Jesus Christ, and it is in Him we found the most Cherished of all, The Godhead fulfilling our deepest inner desires in the Trinity of life, who has imparted in us abundance of life.

To Cherish our Father God, ourselves, and our relationships in the time granted to us in breathing breath, in renewing vision, in honoring all that we are and all of whom we connect with in this journey called life, is our honorable calling, and to not take one second of this gift of our lives, for granted.


Lorraine Taylor – Lay Ministercropped-img_14261.jpg


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