Expect the unexpected when God moves

IMG_1203When we hold within us, the Holiness of God, we can walk daily expecting the unexpected as we never know where or who He will open up opportunities with in our wanderings.

We remain open vessels, ready and willing to serve on a moment’s notice, recognizing He is the one who brings those into our path, who have needs, are experiencing issues, have questions, or just need a touch of the Master’s Love.

When we make ourselves available, it is God who will draw others to Himself, using us as His people, to assist in participating in His works as He is moving upon the earth.

Prepared, ready, willing and remaining open to the newness He brings to our lives daily as we walk in and by His Spirit, is where He desires us to be in our Faith walk. When we are relying on discernment and wisdom of His Spirit, it is He who will work in and through us to accomplish those purposes He has called and chosen us to in and by His empowerment.

God is working ALL the time, ALL over the world, in every geographical location, whether He is known or not, He is moving on the earth.

There are no unexpected encounters when we have come to walk with our Master moment by moment, leaning on Him in All our ways, seeking Him in all we are and in all we do. It is His supernatural ability in us that becomes a natural manifestation of His fullness who is always seeking those to reconcile to Himself and He is always looking for servants who are prepared for the tasks at hand.

For it is the Power and Righteousness of our Father who has imparted the Christ Spirit in us, who is continually working in and through us and it is His works that are being completed as we give ourselves to Him, wherever we step.

Our Lord God has entrusted us, in our humanity, in our weaknesses, in our frailty with ALL of His Majesty, with ALL of His Glory, with ALL of His ability to move through us to fulfill His purposes and will in our lives and in the lives of those we cross paths with.

We have a high honor, a worthy calling to be ministers of the gospel of Christ, and it is He who is doing the work by His mighty power who is resurrected in us to carry out the miracles of His Kingdom to perform healings, raise the dead, cast out demons and to bring others to His throne of Mercy to reconcile all persons to unite with Him in a holy unity, fulfilling His purposes for them.

We are only lending ourselves to Him for a most Holy of service, opening ourselves for Him to move in ways only He is able, for Our Lord Christ is the almighty God in whose ability we live and move and have our being.

I can hardly imagine, beholding the King of Kings, who is Alive in us, and who will complete the work He has started in us until the day He ushers us into our eternal dwelling place to live eternally with our Father, with Jesus, and with the Holy Spirit in the heavenly realm, to live and reign forever.


Lorraine Taylor – Lay Minister to the Body of Christ


Email: taylorlorraine256@gmail.com


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