Now Faith!

Dearest brothers and sister, this life of Faith, is not about God moving somewhere in the future, it is about walking, talking and breathing the radical life of Christ in our every day being and then it is He who is manifested by our love for Him and with one another in our everyday residing in Him.

We join in participating in how God is moving in our part of the world, right where we walk. While many are called to preach/teach in foreign missions, we have a huge mission field right here in America, including those blinded in the religion of todays’ institutional structures called churches.

We are the ‘church’ the body of Christ, and Faith is Now. We walk by Faith not by sight in our now, allowing the Spirit of God to manifest His fullness in and through us in our now.  We release His Spirit, along with His Power, as we walk in union in Him.

We are His when His fullness reigns in our inner beings in our weaknesses, in the midst of our flaws, where His Power bursts forth from our vessels, as He is doing the Father’s works in and through us when we submit fully to Him.

His greatest command is that we love, for it is by His love He draws all others to Himself.

The Spirit moves powerfully every day and manifests the works of the Father in and through us as we bear witness to His love when we allow His life to overflow from us, outward towards others.

There are those who seek after miracles, who seek after healings, who seek after signs and wonders. Those will naturally follow us, moving in and through us as we place the Fathers life as Preeminent in our every day lives.

Is not the greatest miracle to know Him and to be Known by Him and to have His life vibrantly living in our human frame?  This is the miracle of Christ, His resurrected life alive in us, where we become sparks of flame, igniting life in others, in and through His Holy Spirit!

Faith happens when we encourage others, speak words to inspire, show caring in practical means, in being compassion, having sincere motivations, in letting others know we respect and honor them, and that our beings overflow in love from the Father’s hearts towards them.

Our Faith is Now when we lay hands on the sick, on those with needs, on those who request His Mercy for others, in a sincere love for their spiritual well-being that The Christ would grant them His abundant life. And we look in eager expectation for His miraculous answers as He wills, as He desires, as He pours out His Mercy on all persons.

The life of faith is daily practicing the disciplines of spirituality as pilgrims in this world; praying/interceding, reading/meditating on scriptures, worshiping, praising, giving thanks and entering into the realm where our Father, Christ and the Holy Spirit dwell inside us as vessels having God Hearts where He reigns in each moment we have breath.

Our faith walk is lived out when we allow Him to pour rivers of waters ,being life givers to all those we encounter, right where we walk.

The Christian lifestyle is not in having attained some sort of ‘ministry’ where we are honored, where we become puffed up in our own ability.  When our identity is in what we can do, we have lost the understanding of being in Christ, for it is Him working in and through us to accomplish those purposes and plans He desires to bring forth upon this earth.  Our identity is Christ, in His ability, in His faithfulness, in His compassion, in His power, in His righteousness, in His fullness where the Spirit is released into lives.

Our Faith walk is Being God Hearts in our thoughts, our words, our actions, our behaviors, and in how we allow He to be who is manifested in our inner character, clothing ourselves in Godliness, dwelling in the spiritual kingdom of our Father God so it is He, who is seen in us as we bear witness to His fruits that overflow from our own hearts.

Christianity is not about us at all, or what we are doing, or about what or how we think God should move. The Christian life is not about who we know, who we gather with, but it is about whom we are known in and by, with the Father’s love, in Being God Hearts in all of whom we are.

Christianity is not about impressing others with how ‘humble’ we are, or about how ‘wise’ we are, or even about how ‘sinful’ we once were, nor is it about glorifying in our own ability, for this is pride and the sin of all sins. Our lives are not even about impressing God.

God’s movement and power being manifested in us, relies on us dying to our own self-made ways/designs and taking on, entering into the kingdom in Godly ways in the righteousness granted to us in Christ, all through us giving up and giving over of our entire self ways, to His ways, to His Spirit, to Him reigning in us as Lord, King, and Savior.

God’s movement and power is released when we die to the bondage and chains of ‘insitutionalized religion’, when we put away those forms of religion, and put on Christ, who has brought us freedom and liberty in the expression of love from our Father’s bosom.

The Christian life is all about Christ living and having His life dwell/remain/reside in the deepest regions of our being where we are Him manifested in our humanity, understanding His resurrected life is in us and living from His power who gives us this ability to have Now Faith.

The Christian life is about coming to the place where our desire is His desire for us and we walk according to His will as He leads and directs our journey as pilgrims being in the world, but not taking on the values, mores, or customs of this world.

The Christian life is about being Love, in, with and by His Power, in all we do, in all of whom we are, and in all of whom He is creating us to be, humbled servants of the Most High God, walking in the Righteousness of Christ, empowered by His Holy Spirit, Being God’s Heart towards embracing everyone.


Lorraine Taylor – Lay Minister


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