The Miraculous in being given life

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What I have entered into in regards to the miraculous is the life-giving abundance found in having asked my Father God to show Himself to me in a real and personal way.  This was in February of 1975, and He did.

What I felt next was being filled with such love I had never experienced prior and this love called me to a life of gratitude and service in living a life of Faith in the Christ who has touched my heart with transforming and radical change as a result of His Spirit dwelling in the deepest center of my being.

The miracle I have discovered IMG_1405is that the God of all Mercy, whose life resides in me, is a personal and relational God who takes interest in me, in my life, and I have found His plans are motivated with the purest of intentions.

As the Christmas season is upon us, I give thanks that Jesus is the reason for every day living not just in celebration of His birth, but in the celebration of His abundance whose life flows in and through me because He came, died, was resurrected to reconcile all persons to Himself spiritually and that I can be called friend of the Father and to be known by Him.

I have come to know The Christ is the healer of all wounds, the imparter of all wisdom and the giver of all life.

Oh, what love has the Father bestowed on us who are called His children, who have been birthed in and by the resurrection power of The Christ and have been filled with His Holy Spirit who teaches and instructs me in the ways of the cross.

So, in this season of giving, in this season of being thankful, in this season where Christ is known, I give honor to the Lord whose miracle of life sustains me in all the days of my being and He is the reason I have life and one richly filled in the fullness of the Godhead in whose unity I have discovered meaning and purpose.

It is The Christ Spirit who is the miracle in my now, that I rejoice in knowing and in being known by Him, giving thanks for His mercy touching my heart, drawing me into the Love of the Father, filling me with the Fullness of Himself.

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