Smoothie with Kale Eggs for my Lunch


Eggs:  I mixed 4 cage free eggs with some plain Greek Yogurt, added a bit of water together, then threw in some fresh Kale with shredded Carrots and placed in a pan I had melted some Coconut Oil in and cooked until finished.

Smoothie:  1 c filtered water

Added a bunch of frozen blueberries along with fresh whole cranberries

Washed and cut up one whole lemon

1 Tablespoon dehydrated bee pollen – contains multiple B vitamins

Dark Maple Syrup to sweeten to your taste

Flax and Chia seeds


Again,  I use all organic ingredients in my recipes.  I blended all ingredients together until smooth and then sipped while eating my lunch.   This was a light lunch, but one filled with nutrients, vitamins, and healthy ingredients.  So delicious, tasty, tangy, and filling!