Preparing ourselves for a new year

IMG_1373As we move into a new year, remember that fulfilling our God-given purpose is a journey, not a destination; it’s a process which includes preparation (which feel like pit stops) and delays (which feel like detours).

But God is never in a hurry, He’s always in control and is completely able to get us where we need to go, able to complete in us what He started (Phil. 1:6).

He who has called us, who has chosen us, who has offered to us His Mercy, has so much more in store for us, than we could possibly imagine. It is our Lord God who remains Faithful to us in all our moments and it is His word, who is Christ, who sheds Truth in our hearts, and it is His Spirit who breaths life into our lungs.

Oh the depth, the width, the breadth of His love is unknown to us in our flesh, but one day we will know Him and one day we will see Him in All His Glory, in All His Majesty, in All His Holiness.

So, until that day, let us hold firm to our faith, living and abiding in His Spirit of Grace, being filled with Godly wisdom, using a Holy discernment to know the way in which we should walk.

It is The Lord who leads us besides the deep waters where we draw from His Living well daily, filling our hearts with His fullness, who is our Source for everything we could possible need in this life.

He fully equips us to walk in His ways, clothing our inner hearts in His Holiness, in His goodness, in His love, which is more to be desired then gold.

The riches of His Kingdom are at hand, all we have to do is to ask Him to daily fill us anew, to daily drink from the everlasting well of Living Life found in Him, to daily commune in Him, drawing near to His abundance.

Be Still and Know that He is God. Be quiet and set before Him. Let Him know you. Let Him Be in You the Love, Grace and Mercy of His Spirit. Let Him dwell in your heart.

Slow down, quiet yourself, Be Still and Know that He is Your God, who Loves you with an everlasting Love, who has pursued you in all your days, for He is Your God who is calling you today to Be Still before Him, as He desires to draw you near to His bosom of Love.



Lorraine Taylor – Lay Minister

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