1 Corinthians 13

IMG_1430Read and Meditate on 1 Corinthians 13 asking The Holy Spirit to shine Christ’s light upon any areas needing His empowerment to change in being more like Him in our inner character, that in all we do, we give the Glory and Honor to Him for entrusting us with His very life to live and abide in us.

What will remain of our lives when we leave this earth and are no more?

The only lasting remnant of our lives will be the bits of Grace, Mercy, Forgiveness, Compassion and Love we offered to others without strings attached.

What will remain are those selfless acts done out of a servant’s heart of obedience to God in having made proper stewardship of all the resources He has given to us while on this earth in investing ourselves in lives to have made a difference.

All that I have been given has been provided to me by God’s hand.

What I have done for the least of His out of spreading His gospel of Grace and Love, touching hearts with His free gift of Salvation, in feeding the hungry, ministering to the poor, caring for the widows, serving where He leads is the highest of desires that can be attained while upon this earth.

Christ came to this earth having nothing of his own and this too is how we shall live, that those things He has given to us, are given so we can minister to others, so we can help provide for needs, so we can aid those who have not, so we can fulfill those purposes He has chosen and called us to do so in and by His Power.

The greatest charge given to us is to: Love the Lord our God with all our Hearts, with all our Souls, with all our Minds, with all our Strength, and to Love our neighbors as ourselves.

Love is an action. Love is something we do. Love is how we treat others, how we minister to needs, how we pour out of ourselves God’s Heart to those in the streets, to those we meet in stores, to those we have business associations with, to those in schools, to those if official positions, to those who gather in our midst, to those we interact with, to those who know God and to those who know not God.

Preaching or talking of Love is empty unless we live it, do it, practice it, spread it.
If we walk not in sincerely motivated love towards embracing everyone, then we have not Christ residing in us, we have no understanding of His gospel, and we failed in our Christian duty to BE Christ to all we meet.


Lorraine Taylor – Lay Minister to the Body of Christ


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