Participating with God’s Spirit

Placeholder ImageThose of us who lived in the last great awakening (during the 1970’s) had no idea we were in a great movement of God. We experienced the Power of Christ in our everyday lives! It was in living and giving of ourselves to His Spirit, who set us Free from a life of serving ourselves, serving wealth, serving worldly ways, where we discovered true Liberty in being.

We did not preach about of some great move of God, we lived in it as He was moving in our lives and in the lives of others. We joined in participating in His Spirit moving in the world as He provided direction.

God’s Spirit moves daily, in each moment; He reveals His goodness, His miraculous life in us, in each moment. He opens opportunities to serve each day, each hour, each moment as we remain available to Him.

God is no respecter of persons or even geographical place. It is when we Exalt Him that He draws all persons to Himself. There is no magical formulae to Christ, for that is witchcraft, that is man’s devising ways to figure out how to gain God’s blessings.

When we devise a formulae, it is man made and it is not God’s design. He is the miracle in our lives daily, He manifests His Fullness when we walk in Obedience to His ways.

The gospel calls us to abide in a Holy Union in Him where He is revealed in all His miracles as radical transformation occurs in our hearts. It is in Loving others, where He resides.

In those early days of walking in Christ, we discovered a lifestyle of sharing our lives in the body with one another, in remaining open, in living a different way, in pursuing Holiness beyond anything this world had to offer us.

We entered into BEING Christ as we were rooted in foundational principles of Christianity, in having a different lifestyle than that which the world dictated.

Too many today are taking on cultural expectations and adapting their spirituality into the acceptance of others, into serving what others desire, instead of taking a stand for spreading the entire gospel; Forgiveness, Compassion, Mercy, Grace, Love.

Too many misconstruing Christ’s message as they have become followers of people, authors, doctrine, religion and church denominations.

Too many not grounding their people in the way of God. Too many preaching, but failing to teach with any depth, without adhering to Godly principles. Too many preaching man’s doctrine, man’s way.

It is time to BREAK away from all of that and to BE the true disciples of Christ, giving our all to BE His followers, to BE His children, to BE HIS HOLY BRIDE!

Lorraine Taylor – Lay Minister


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