Living Lives of Integrity

When we choose God’s way, He grants us wisdom, His Holy Spirit, His Word, the fellowship with believers which integrated into pursuing Holiness, leads us to live right, have right relationships and make right decisions.

We become guided by an internal willingness and openness in listening and responding to God’s Holy Spirit of Truth.

In all our interactions with people, we need consistency, tact, and discipline to use this wisdom God give us. If we fail in treating others according to the wisdom God gives, our relationships will suffer.

God desires us to seek His wisdom in order to walk this narrow path in our journey towards developing our spiritual character which forms our moral characters.

The bible often contrasts two kinds of people. The wise person who seeks God and the foolish person whose stubborn heart has chosen to seek their own way, actively choosing a life away from God.

The wisdom of God found in reading and meditating on His word helps us in every relationship we have, as in each one, we must show love, dedication, and high moral standards. Having relationships where integrity is key, brings meaning and value with those we have chosen to bring into our hearts and homes, those we regularly fellowship with as believers.

What we say and do reveals our real attitude towards people. How we talk shows what we are really like, but our actions determine our follow through, in backing up what we say, and showing we are persons who remain true to our word.

God controls the final outcome in all we do, we cannot control others, nor can we cause them to choose to seek Him, or His wisdom. What we can do is influence others by the way we choose to live, by our lifestyle.

We are accountable and responsible to carry out our work; career, volunteer, day to day life, with diligence and discipline, having a determined focus, not becoming distracted by overscheduling, overly committing ourselves in ways we cannot possible adhere to.

Busyness is not a sign of Godliness, but seems to be acceptable in Christian circles and this causes those God has put in our care to be dropped as one cannot possible minister in the way God desires of us in a relational sense when we are running to and fro, in a hectic and chaotic schedule.

It takes time, patience, focus, understanding and dedication in setting limits on ourselves, to devote our time to those persons and endeavors God is truly calling us to. This often requires the necessity of dropping certain activities that fail to align with the calling He has upon our lives.

Of course, seasons of business come to all of us, but to live this way as a lifestyle only leads to stress, illness, overextending our time, resources and abilities, as we are unable to properly care for ourselves in regards to nutrition, exercise, rest, and pacing our activities and endeavors.

If we fail to pace ourselves by entering into an overly busy lifestyle, this may create a strong potential in us being unable to care for others with integrity as we will lack the necessary time needed in bonding and building right relationships.

God views success as having a good reputation, moral character, and the spiritual devotion to obey Him.

We are a reflection of who He is to all of whom we encounter in this life, if we call ourselves Christians. It takes time to build relationships that honor Him, as we give honor and respect to others in how we interact with them and how we give of our time to them.

God is a personal and relational God and He manifests Himself in and through our relationships. He instructs us in the ways of Righteousness, Holiness, and Love through our interactions with others in living as a community of believers whose lives are not our own, but are lived in an intentionally purposed means towards pursuing Holiness.

God works on the transformation needed in our hearts in and through our aligning with others in such a way, we become bonded as a family, tied together by His blood, having a spiritual bond that is stronger than any other we can gain in this world. The requires a closeness in sharing our lives beyond the walls of a church, engaging in discourse, evaluating ourselves, and the giving or our time, resources, and availability where others have access to us.

The bible is full of guiding principles, wisdom, and practical advise in how we are to live our lives and how we are to live with one another. The bible, along with developing our ability to be discerning helps us in building right, moral relationships that have as a foundation, honesty, vulnerability, truth, openness, transparency, and an ability to walk along side one another in a sincerely motivated heart filled with compassion and love.

We are unable of ourselves to be, so the necessity of daily coming before God, asking for Him to give us spiritual eyes, opening our heart to His ways, being continually filled with His Holy Spirit, spending alone time in Him, reading and meditating on His word are all tools He has provided us with in living the lifestyle required of one who professes to be a Christian.

He has also provided for us brothers and sisters where we can seek out Godly counsel from those older and more mature in the Faith to help guide, instruct and aid us in times where we have earnest questions, moments where we lack understanding, and a safe harbor to have open discourse on issues we find ourselves dealing with.

There is an intimacy developed when we seek Holiness and have God as preeminent in our lives, desiring His Spirit and longing in communing with and in Him daily. There is also an intimacy He desires of us to have in fellowship with one another in order to fulfill His purposes for our own lives, but also to gather together as the body to accomplish those endeavors He is calling us to do as a body.

We are unable to be transparent with each other, if we are not willing to be open and honest with ourselves. We must be able to objectively examine, evaluating our own spiritual character, our own motivations, our own hearts before our Father’s light each day, giving over to Him those areas we find ourselves struggling with, so He can do the radical change in our hearts where we become God Hearts towards all.

Of course, we use wisdom in whom we confide in, in whom we become vulnerable with as trust is earned and not just given to anyone. So seeking out those who have gained a moral reputation, those whose hearts are open, those who live humbly, those who are seen in their whole lifestyle to be seekers of Holiness, is crucial.

We are in a continual pattern of moving nearer to God day by day. When God desires us to turn directions or change course it can be a very painful awakening within us as He evaluates our spiritual development, desiring us to stay on course, not being deceived or walking blindly.

Father God may choose to use the most uncommon of persons to help in this way, persons we may not expect, persons that are not necessarily of Him.

God will use anyone or anything to gain our attention so we remain Faithful in our hearts in living lives Glorifying Him, and not ourselves, boasting in His goodness and not our own, lifting Him up above all other persons, entities, or activities.

Today and each day, let us each sit before our God with open hearts, willing to hear and respond to His voice, staying the course in continuing to live a life worthy of our calling, giving value to everyone we meet, regardless if they have or do not have a relationship with God.

Lorraine Taylor – Lay Minister

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