Pain and Suffering

Placeholder ImageIf we are willing to accept that pain and suffering will always be a component of life, then we can have the courage with entering into an acceptance of whatever our present situation is.

We were created and gifted with complex emotions by God in order to fully express ourselves in our humanity. When we learn to accept all our emotions, the dark and the light, we will not succumb to wishing or praying our ‘feelings’ away.

It is in learning to live within the entirety of our experiences which cause emotional responses due to our humanity, that our feelings validate who we are and help us work through often difficult life circumstances or situations we presently find ourselves dealing with.

We can live in the moment with insecurity and pain, accepting that is where we are right now, this very moment, and no matter the depth of our emotional existence, we continue moving forward in our lives.

To pretend certain responses or emotions do not exist, or that it does not affect us, is to be blind to our situation and dismissive to our feelings. To deny our emotional responses to life experiences is to deny our very humanity and the beauty God has gifted us with in being expressive beings.

Many people live in this place of denial and desire to only speak of the ‘positive’ emotions in life and in doing so, they reject who God has made them to be as human beings living a spiritual journey to manifest Christ, who learned obedience through enduring suffering, including emotional pain.

Learning to accept where we are right now in our lives, is bravery lived in the present moment. Acceptance of what our current emotional journey is right now, is living with all of whose we are and all that we feel in the thankfulness of our lives as God’s creations.

As we learn to allow ourselves space in sitting with often difficult emotions, let us also allow others this same space in honoring their journey in our shared humanity, for them to work through conflicted and painful emotions. When we dismiss another sister or brothers’ emotional responses to real life situations, we are rejecting them and who God has created them to be.

We cannot expect others to be at the same place we are emotionally, so let us remember to maintain a sensitivity to those we interact with in not throwing out some cliché, scripture, or blanket statement you think will ‘fix’ them.

We need to pray and allow the Holy Spirit to be active when we are walking this Faith Journey, remaining open in listening in how we are to be present with others, for what we say can make a huge impact on another persons emotional state, either positive or negative.

The challenge is to not become ‘stuck’ in certain emotional states as there is a way beyond them. There is a process that exists for us to move forward in an emotional pruning or our inner selves, and we do not have to succumb in being carriers of harmful and destructive energy states.

The transformative nature of God’s Holy Spirit when melded with a person’s emotional states is the supernatural work that occurs in the spiritual realm for us to be changed in our inner character to have attributes and traits where we become fruit bearers.

We need to be patient with ourselves and with each other as God is working on all of us, as there is no one who has arrived to the state of perfection and there is not one of us who has attained to the place of being a completed work in Christ.



Lorraine Taylor – Lay Minister

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