Search my Heart Oh Lord

100_0868In poverty, in illness, in adversity, we are the compassion of Christ, holding hands, sitting beside our sisters and brothers, comforting, encouraging, being present as God’s Grace in the form of humanity’s frame.

We seek not to ‘fix’, but to be a balm of healing, an ear open to listen, a place where we do not judge, but offer space for another to just ‘be’, and we reach out from our God Hearts, touching those places with the Holiest of care.

In difficulties, in grief, in loss, in loneliness, in confusion, in doubts, we are the servants of Christ who surround those in our midst, showing forth the tender Mercies of Christ’s Love, as we gather those hurting, bringing them into a sanctuary where God’s Grace reaches out to All, allowing safety and rest to be discovered.

We enter into those sacred spaces of vulnerability where suffering is seen, when others express their responses to the cruelty found by how they are being mistreated, and we offer ourselves as the Living Waters that give sustenance to all who will come and drink from the deep reserved well that will never run dry, given from the Resurrected Christ who is alive in us.

We pour ourselves out as vessels of Christ, as people who Know Mercy to offer Mercy to all those in need. We pour ourselves out as vessels of Christ’s Forgiveness, to Be His caring compassion in this world.

We enter into those fragile spaces where sorrow and pain exist, offering those who endure ongoing suffering, a place of calm waters, a place of respite, a place of acceptance, a place where they are able to just rest in who they are.

We enter into those tattered worn torn tears, where suffering remains, allowing one to fully express themselves, where they do not have to hide their feelings, where they do not have to deny their emotions, where they do not have to live behind a façade, but offering them a home where they discover a deep place of resting in the realization, it is Ok to just be and experience what one experiences in those places within our humanity where God is found.

Are we offering others such a place of respite, in the sanctuary of our hearts, where they can find safety, acceptance and a Love that remains and stands the test of time?
Are we offering others the Mercy, Grace, Forgiveness and Compassionate Caring of the Christ we profess to serve?

Are we allowing space within our relationships, where we walk in the truth and humility discovered as servants of the Most High God?

Are we Being Christ to All, not discriminating, not judging, not biased by our own expectations of how we think they need to be, but allowing The Christ to be All to them, in and through us?

Oh Lord, how do we best become these humble servants, putting aside our own ways, and truly become in every way, the compassionate, caring, Love of God Hearts to everyone we encounter?

How do we best put aside our own measures of a person’s worth, giving value and attention to everyone, not based on what they do or do not do?

God’s gift of Salvation is given freely of no merit from anything we have done, but offered solely based on His perceptions of our worth and value in His eyes, in His Holy Love that pursues us to the end of all time. His love has no conditions we must meet, no hoops we must jump through and no test we must pass.

We need to ask ourselves how can we allow others this same Grace in being the called and chosen people of God, who are known for embracing everyone with the same passionate acceptance and love that Christ has given to us and fills us with in each moment of our existence?

Let us consider how we can we be loving, forgiving, embracing people, that others will Know Christ is alive in us through the way we treat others?  Show us the way O Lord.

Love is an action to be seen, not words to be spoken. Love is something we do, not something we say. Love is seen in the practicality of our humanness as expressed in relationships and this is where God manifests His greatest Love of who He is, in the midst of our lives lived in community with one another.

Let us allow space for God to be who He is to All, regardless of one’s spirituality, regardless of one’s socioeconomic status, regardless of one’s ability to conform to our expectations.

Let us discover how to Love as The Christ has so loved us, offering us a hand of Mercy, a touch of Compassion, His unmerited Forgiveness and an understanding of Love Graced in the mess of our own lives, so we can be so caring in the mess of others’ lives.



Lorraine Taylor – Lay Minister

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