Jesus asks us, “What have you done for the least of mine?”

100_0681At the end of our lives, Jesus will ask, ‘What have you done for the least of mine?”

The least of His are the poor, the widowed, the ill, the lost, those in need, those without, those disenfranchised, those isolated, those alone, all of those we find ourselves walking among. To be present with them, to be Christ with them is our call.

Our purpose is to die to ourselves, our own human ways, our fleshly tendencies, and all the ways we in our own hearts reject others.

Let us be a people who Love not only by words, but in deeds, embracing those in our midst, those we walk among, those we connect with, those who rub us the wrong way, those who are being rejected by the world.

Let us not find ourselves among those who reject people who truly are the needy among us. Let us ask God to search our hearts and see if we have any idols we are serving that are hindering Him from working His Fullness in and through us, showing His Mercy to everyone.

The gospel is not an all white, Western American gospel. The Gospel is for All peoples, from All nations, from All countries, regardless of where they live, what they have, or who they are.

The gospel is Christ, it is Showing Compassion and Mercy, not trying to ‘fix’ or to Americanize other countries. Let us remember Christ sat with ‘sinners’, those who the religious sects discounted as being worthy of fellowshipping with, those rejected by the religious institutions, those seen as less than human.

May we in our shared humanity, not dismiss, not discount, not reject those God has brought into our lives to administer His Mercies, His Grace and His Forgiveness.

We are not our own, we are His, and He calls us to a higher standard and conduct of being by His Spirit, who empowers us to Be all of Whom He is creating us to Be, Authentic and Real. His call is for us to be clothed in His Holiness in our inner beings, taking on His attributes and character traits, serving others in all humility and with sincere hearts submitted to His Will, His Ways.

Let us remember, it is God who sees our hearts, there is nothing we do that is hidden from Him. He calls us to Please Him, not our own selves. He calls us to be different, living Kingdom values, honoring one another gives honor to Him.

Let us remember we are His representatives while we walk on this earth. We are being watched by those who call themselves Christians, by those who do not know Him, by all those we walk among.

May our testimonies be seen as Real and Authentic, desiring to be honorable of our calling, to live worthy in the lives we have been gifted, to Glorify our Father in Heaven in All of whom we are becoming in Him.

We are the flesh of Christ, who embraces All, Showing in All of whom we are, Care and True Love to everyone, which we can only do in remaining full of His Spirit, clothed in His Holiness, making Him Preeminent in everything we do, having no false religion or idols in our hearts, but serving Him in Complete submissive consecration and dedication!



Lay Minister – Lorraine Taylor

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