Learning the art of letting go

100_1108In order for churches to raise up the leaders needed to carry on the mission and work God has called us to accomplish, there needs to be an understanding of exactly what role we are to fulfill in regards to equipping the body of believers.

Leaders must come to the place they not only realize, but understand it is they who must carry out this necessary work in training, equipping and raising up a generation of new leaders.  In order to fulfill the Godly roles and responsibilities, this vision of how to do this must be imparted and directed by the Holy Spirit.  God’s vision is the only one that will be successful.

It is only in pursuing God’s vision within a body of believers where His fruit will come forth. It is only in working towards God’s Kingdom desires that people will come into our midst, for they will see real people showing genuineness.

It is only by allowing Christ to shine in and through us that others will be drawn to Him. It is when the Body lives in this unity in Christ, they can live in unity with one another.

It is in having an experiential understanding of God’s call to living in the community as a body of believers, joining in a Holy union with the Father, and joining into life with one another, in praying, supporting, encouraging, lifting up, edifying, singing spiritual psalms, reading scriptures, and gathering together.

When we are willing to lay aside our own plans and methods and learn to seek the heart of our Father’s desires, learning to let go of what we want, seeking His ways with all our minds, souls and heart, is when God will Manifest All of who He is in and through this body.

It will be when the members of a body walk in Obedience to Him, clothing themselves with His Righteousness and Holiness, that He will Be in and with them and do great works through their service.

It is only in and by His Love that others will Know Him. It is only when this Love, pure and unadulterated is manifested within a community of believers, that Christ will be known.

The Christian lifestyle is all about Christ and not a person’s agenda. When we fully submit as a people, as a body, and truly understand how we build and maintain this Love and unity, putting into practice Godly Principles, Christ will manifest Himself in Powerful ways, with signs, wonders, and miracles.

When we become God Hearts of Love, in actions, words, deeds, behaviors, and our inner attitudes manifest His Love, He will pour out the rivers of life into a fellowship, which will overflow into the wider community, where His mission can be accomplished.

We must become the spiritual beings in Christ to exemplify His life to all we encounter as this is the great commission we are called to go forth and purposed to accomplish in His Power.  When Christ takes preeminence in every area of our lives, and He becomes our Everything and our very reason for existence, then He will Be visible in our midst, and we will Be His Holy Priesthood, His Bride.

It is when we let go of what we want, and move towards the place of accepting what Christ wants, allowing His Spirit to be whom embodies our fellowship, He will have the freedom and liberty to Be in us as a body.

We must let go of selfish man-made ways of being. We must let go of being exclusive or a closed group. We must let go of walling off others from entering our fellowships.  We must let go of ourselves.  We must nail our ways to the cross.

We must let go of All that is Us so that He can be ALL in Us.


Living Intentionally


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