Emotional Intelligence

img_1317Emotional intelligence is not about never experiencing negative emotions, but learning how to channel them in positive and constructive ways. When we learn adaptive responses, we become healthier people. As we grow and mature as adults, we realize life is full of ups and downs, sorrows and joys, disappointments and achievements, failures and successes.

In all the flux of this process called life, we acquire coping skills while being challenged with the necessity of remaining flexible towards change, learning to give and take in our relationships.

Hopefully, in this journey, we will gain in our ability to listen to both the unspoken and spoken words of one another, we will heed the call to honor, respect, and serve one another with kindness in all our interactions.

As we begin 2017, a new year, Let us all commit ourselves, to working together towards becoming a more unified people, a more peaceful people, a more accepting people, a more loving people.

When we live to this higher calling towards love, individuals will gradually come out of their shells and their once dying sparks will fire into hearts where God’s light will shine forth.

These hearts of fire will light our service to one another with a Godly desire, a Godly thirsting, a Godly hunger. Let us surrender to this calling upon our lives to reach out and Be Present in each other’s lives; helping, assisting, encouraging, supporting as we walk each other home to an eternal Land of Glory, with streets sparkling with the finest of colors.

Let us spread this love to the lonely, the poor, the oppressed, the suffering, the widows and all the children in our midst. Let us walk in our communities with hearts upheld with gratitude and thankfulness that we have been gifted with each other, and the preciousness of life.

Let us be patient and serve our God, and one another, in all humility, remaining Obedient to His call: “Love the Lord your God with All your Heart, All your Soul, and All your Strength.”    Deuteronomy 6:5

Lorraine Taylor – Lay Minister


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