Christ’s Bride

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When we do God’s work, it is not our work; our ministry, it is His work; His ministry. When we surrender to His Will, His Ways, and His plans for us, it is He that does the work in and through us.

We are God’s vessels, needing to be always filled and walking in God’s Holy Spirit who empowers us to fulfill His purposes in and through us in the places we walk. We have a mission to pursue in Him. We have a Holy Calling, purposes that are beyond sight, to go forth, preaching and teaching His Word, making disciples of All people groups and entering into participation with and in Him to do the works of the Father.

It is not we that do the work, otherwise, it will all be rubbish, no matter how successful one looks, or how many people are in the church. For it is a man that looks on the outward appearances, but it is God that sees the heart of a person, and it is He that knows the deep inner workings of a person.

There is no one who can hide anything from God, for he knows All of what is hidden in our hearts. He sees our motivations. He sees our intentions. He sees the secret things in our hearts.

It is not about numbers, it is not about revival, nor is it about seeking signs, wonders, or miracles.   It is not about having a title. It is not about having charisma. It is not about our personalities. It is not about us at all.

This life in Faith is All about Living, Breathing and Being Christ!

The life of Faith is about dying to ourselves in the deepest core of our being. It is about wanting the best in and for others. It is about giving from the overflow of the Love of Christ in our hearts to others. It is about walking the narrow path.

This does require a cost, for He calls us to live to a higher calling, a higher purpose, a higher realm, and that is only found in allowing Him to transform us completely at every level of our souls.

It is about living a life of Obedience to what He has called and chosen us to accomplish in His Power, not our own devices.

The life of Faith is ALL about JESUS! It is about people! It is about service. It is about Holiness. It is about Righteousness. It is about doing the right thing that we know in our hearts to do, then doing it.

Living the life of Faith is about servant hood to Christ and to others, following the paths He directs, guides and leads us in.

If it is not Him directing, it is of ourselves, and it is of vanity and self-directed motives.

This Faith Life is not about living in the greatest city. It is not about transferring a move of God from one part of the world into our part of the world.  It is not about being the greatest preacher, teacher, or having the largest church.

It is about allowing God to be God.  Faith is that we become All in Him.  In living this life called Faith, we desire to do so in all sincerity; with honor, integrity, honesty, and truth.  Yet most of all, that we have a pure Love motivated in a Holy desire to Be all of Whom God has called us to be and to have our entire Identity be formed in Christ’s Righteousness!

We live to Glorify our Father in heaven in bearing the fruits of the spirit that are the signs of Christianity, the signs of a Faithful servant, the signs of Him living in and through us. It is about a total and complete surrender of our ways to His Ways of Being. It is a Death to who we are, and a living a life to Whose we are.

We are not our own. We are not of this world. We have been set apart and consecrated in His Holy pursuit of a Transformed Lifestyle.

Let us RISE UP and Not Grow Weary, for the times are Now to do His Work in and through us.   We are the Righteousness of Christ!

God is searching for His people to become His Holy and Consecrated Bride.  God is calling to us to BE His People.   We are the Bride of Christ!


Lorraine Taylor – Lay Minister


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