Daughters of Zion, our Identity is in Christ

100_1053Daughters of Zion, we are the handmaidens of the Lord, servants going forth to accomplish those purposes He has designed for us before the foundations of the earth were laid. Our Identity is found in Him as He completes Who we are and Whose we are.

He has called us, chosen us, and set us apart as Holy vessels, that in All we do, may we Glorify our Father in Heaven. We have a purposed mission and a Holy Calling to pursue in Him.

In leadership, as with anything in serving the Lord, when we commit to doing God’s will, we Know our steps have been ordered by Him.  He uses all the experiences we have learned throughout all the seasons in our lives and the responsible roles we have fulfilled (teaching, instructing, speaking, writing, training) as stepping-stones for furthering the work He has placed into our hearts.

We gain experience and exposure in ministering as God adds to our Faith, expanding our capabilities during each season of our lives, as He gradually increases levels of responsibilities for us to assume, when we remain Faithful to Him and to those He has charged us in the care of, in remaining focused in accomplishing those tasks He has set before us.

God sees the whole plan but we only know it in part.  He uses each ministry assignment for what we have contributed to the Kingdom during that time as well as for preparation for what He will call us to do next.

Each season in our life will be fully used for His work and to fulfill His purposes in us. There are no wasted years, no regrets He cannot turn around, and no mistakes we cannot learn from, for He will take all of it and use it for His Glory if we walk in Obedience to His Will in our lives.

Let us then, continue on the path of Righteousness, focusing on Christ, the author and finisher of our faith, in moving forward in Him, in the Empowerment granted us by the Holy Spirit to accomplish those works He has chosen, set us apart for, and anointed us to fulfil in and by His Grace.


Lorraine Taylor – Lay Minister


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