We learn Obedience by the things we suffer


Biblical Teaching that puts an emphasis on certain parts of the bible over others creates a toxic environment and a group mob mentality that causes division, strife, conflict, as all others find themselves having to adopt to this in balanced teaching, as being the authoritarian doctrine of God, or they are not true believers, and there is something wrong with them. Much of the time, it is the authoritarian doctrine that is man-made, misconstruing sound biblical teaching.

This creates a closed group, shutting down the body from using All the gifts, of which Love is the greatest! When biblical teaching emphasizes a must do of adopting certain off the mark principles such as ‘healing’ where persons are supposed to just believe in Faith they are healed, it creates a narrow and myopic perspective of what God intended for the body.

Although instructors can be selective about which parts of the bible to be particular about, I chose the topic of healing as this seems to be a common one that is often misrepresented by those who seek after these manifestations, instead of admonishing believers to maintain a balanced perspective incorporating All biblical principles into one’s life generating a Faith based lifestyle.

Jesus never taught that All persons are to be healed or relieved of their suffering. For if we have no suffering and no one is ever sick, then wouldn’t we be in our perfected state, out of our bodies, and be living in our eternal realm, heaven?

Also, the shed blood of Jesus, was not done so for our physical/mental healing. His shed blood was to reconcile us to God, healing our spiritual state. Persons who ‘claim’ by ‘His stripes I am healed’, are putting a demand onto God, that was never intended.

This sort of emphasis on healing also reeks of ‘works’ or getting healing by building up our own belief that we are healed, where one has to repeat this to themselves over and over to convince themselves they are healed, but not yet healed, but it is coming.

Search the original meaning of this text from the original language for yourself.

Persons have been horrifically hurt due to this belief ‘that everyone should be healed’ by many Christians and many leaders who are adopting to forcing this onto their congregations and not aligning themselves to the entire gospel. This places shame, guilt, judgement, and dismisses the teaching that Jesus told to Paul as he suffered greatly from some physical ailment, “My Grace is Sufficient for you.”

For when persons having this mentality approaches those with long term, or chronic conditions, they tend to demand they believe they are healed, and when they do not become healed then comes the assaults as to why they are not healed; you do not have enough Faith, you have unconfessed sin, you are not listening to God, you are being rebellious, etc.

This sounds more judgemental than walking in the midst of adversity with one another by Lovingly supporting, encouraging, and doing what we can to comfort. Persons suffering long term ailments or conditions find themselves at the brunt end of these callous statements and find themselves not accepted, not heard, and dismissed by the body of Christ.

Persons who emphasize the works in regards to healing manifestations over walking in the midst of difficulties whether physical/mental, in His Strength, skew the meaning of Grace. Why would God give His Grace other than to apply it, and use it to walk in the midst of adversity.

This teaching of ‘healing’ needs to be balanced within the scope of the entire scriptures and put into how it was meant to be. Yes, God heals, but He does not, nor has He ever stated in the bible that healing is to be meant for everyone who suffers.

When we lack compassion by demanding others bow to our belief they must ‘walk in their healing’ whether they feel it or not, is spreading the teaching that we must deny our circumstances, and not be real about what we are experiencing.

This emphasis on healing over other biblical principles that often becomes lopsided also dismisses Love and how we as a body are to ‘bear one anthers burdens’, not simply pray them away.

This over emphasis dismisses the Fact that the bible states Jesus learned Obedience through the things He suffered and so do we. Suffering will always be part of life as long as we live in the death of our bodies. It is in the midst of suffering we are to turn our eyes on Jesus, asking His Holy Spirit to fill by equipping us with His Strength and Grace to walk in any adversity, Trusting in Him to get us through it.

Lorraine Taylor – Lay Minister

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 Creative Commons License

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