Let us be motivated by Sincere Love towards others

100_0868The more we get out of the way and let God move, the more powerful the results will be manifested in our lives, and in the lives of those we intercede, praying on behalf of.

The simpler our prayers the more the Father can see that we are totally reliant upon him and not our religious rituals and traditions that form or attempts at twisting His arm…He doesn’t need arm twisting, He is good. He needs belief and faith…and that faith is the perfect faith of Jesus, not our manufactured faith.

The more we learn to Love one another, as He has Loved us, the greater He will manifest Himself in unmeasurable ways. It is through this Love that He rises in our midst. It is in His Love, Healings of all kinds will take place. It is in His Love, they will know we are His disciples.

Whatever He does or does not do in our lives, should not weaken or affect our Faith. Faith is believing in what is unseen as we walk by Faith, not by sight.

Those who continually seek the outward manifestations of God in signs and wonders, will tend to deny necessary teachings on the inner workings that bear the fruits of the spirit, especially Love.

There will then be a tendency to emphasize these outward signs as meaning Jesus is in our midst, versus the inner life of the believer. We can greatly miss God’s intention in living the Christian Life within the body and community of believers as it needs to be balanced with the whole gospel, not just the parts that tickle people’s ears.

The tough parts of the gospel include suffering, pain, trials, difficulties, unanswered prayers and how we are to live with one another in the midst of these occurrences. The body life should exemplify how Christ manifests Himself in Real Ways. Our interactions with each other should manifest Jesus. Our treatment of each other should show Jesus. How we minister to others should exemplify Jesus.

Of course, we do not always see Jesus in our midst, or in our interactions as Christians in the body as there are some Christians who are acting and behaving like children. They become dismissive, judgemental, cause division, lie, accuse, gossip, cheat, act prejudicial and go about in all manners of ungodliness.

The bible is full of ways the early church Christians were not exemplifying or embodying Christ. So we find these same behaviors and attitudes today within the lives of those calling themselves Christians. Paul addresses this and also addresses how we must continue in the path growing in our Spiritual Maturity that in all manners our lives would show forth the fruits of the spirit.

We can do all things, but if we fail to have the right attitude of sincere Love in what we do, then whatever we do, is rubbish. We all fail, we all make mistakes, but in them, we all learn how to continue in steadfastness towards having an inner being that seeks Godliness in working to spread His Love in all we do.

We can only take responsibility for our own lives. We need to align ourselves and our own hearts with God, the Holy Scriptures, abiding and living in the Spirit, practicing the disciplines of our Faith: individual and corporate; prayer, worship, reading Scriptures, and Loving the Lord our God with All our Hearts, All our Minds, and All our Strength, and our Neighbors as Ourselves. For this is the greatest commandment Jesus gave to us.

Written by Lorraine Taylor – Lay Minister

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