Letting go of resistance…….

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If we learn to sit still as a mountain in a hurricane, unprotected from the truth and vividness and the immediacy of simply being part of life, then we are not this separate being, who has to have things turn out our way.

When we stop resisting and let the weather simply flow through us, we can live our lives completely, in the fullness of God, as He is able to do exceedingly, Abundantly, Above All, more than we think or ask, according to His Riches and Glory in Christ Jesus.

The direction of our lives is up to us as we are the ones who make either foolish, or wise choices. And we are the ones who live the consequences of those choices.

When we learn to continually let go, daily submitting to God’s way in our lives, we learn to live in total surrender and dependence on His Power. We learn that Pure Wisdom is a gift given by Him to us to use for the purposes in building His Kingdom.

We learn to be guided by Him, walking in His Spirit so we are not led by our feelings or emotions. We learn we can fully Trust Him in all moments of our lives, as He remains Faithful to His word, and is Always True to Himself.

We discover this is a daily process of letting go of our humanness and opening ourselves up to allowing His transforming work to be active in our lives.

In this letting go process, we learn to turn ourselves over to His Ways, allowing His Spirit to change our hearts of stone into hearts of Love, that will overflow from us to others, doing the work He has prepared for us ahead of time to do. Faith works in Love and the spiritual principles applied in this Truth manifests the works of Christ in our lives and in the lives of those we interact with.

As we remain open in allowing God the opportunity to polish us through the difficult times, we find He Richly Rewards us with Himself, His Presence, His inner Peace, Contentment, and Joy.

Do not let your minds be adrift like the rocking of a boat in the waters, but rather submit yourself to His Mercies which are new every morning. A double minded person has lost focus, therefore build up disciplines of spiritual habits that will mature you as a spiritual person. Pray, Read the Scriptures, Worship, both as an individual and corporately.

Dear brothers and sisters, let us all ask the one True God of All Life, to create clean hearts within our human hearts. Let us ask Him to give us humble spirits, an attitude of service, a Holy desire, hungering, and longing in all our moments, to seek after those things that are of a spiritual nature. Let us Love our God with all our Hearts, Souls, Minds, and our neighbors as ourselves.

It is His Spirit that provides us with the ability to walk hand in hand through the fires of life in the Power of His Holy Spirit. He is our Hope, For He has given us this one life to live, let us make it count in dedicating ourselves as a Holy People, Consecrated and separating ourselves to a life of Service, being sincerely motivated by love in all we do.

He does not want our sacrifices, He desires our Obedience to serve Him in all our moments, no matter where we put our foot, no matter where we find ourselves, or what our situation or circumstances are.

We serve a God who releases a Mighty Power into our lives and is over and above ALL entities, ALL forces, All principalities at work in this world, and He has overcome them All.  So can we do so in Him, in the Power of His Resurrection, live our faith, openly honest before God and openly honest before others, walking in true authenticity.

As we enter into this continual process of letting go, day by day, His love will breath new life into us, and He will become our source for all we could possibly need, want, or desire in this life in our quest in becoming spiritual beings.


Lorraine Taylor – Lay Minister

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 Creative Commons License

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